Files of New: London shopping

Sorry! So sorry! I am seriously behind on my blogging schedule but there has been so much to do! I was hoping to have all the photos from my recent London holiday but I haven’t got them all yet, and the ones I do have haven’t been organized yet. I am incredibly behind schedule, but going on vacation usually does that to me (which is one of the reasons I don’t really like going on holiday, but I’m weird.) I have a few posts planned out but they should be up and posted soon, the first one on Monday. In the mean time I thought I’d share what I bought in London:

doc martens tan tattoo short bootI’ll start with my favorite purchase: these Doc Martens tattoo print tan lace-up short boots. I had wanted to buy them when we were in Rome on our holiday but they only had them in a size UK7 and they were too big, so when we were in London I found them in a shop in a size UK6 and the fit was perfection. I have a pair of Doc Marten boots (high ones, with 21 holes, also in a size UK6) but oh boy, those are still not comfortable/worn in yet. These seem to be wearable from the get-go but that probably is due to the height or lack of (the place where the other boots are uncomfortable are where they bend on the ankle, but as these new ones don’t go that high, they are fine.)

toms black classicMy next favorite purchase are these Toms shoes. They are the classic Toms in black, and omigod so comfy! At one point during my holiday I had really bad blisters from a pair of shoes that are usually okay and then I really needed something super comfy, that’s when we bought these. I LOVE them and have been wearing them A LOT lately.

office hoxton cross strap sandalI also bought these Office birkenstock-esque sandals. Comfy, go with everything and practical shoes. Birkenstock shoes aren’t for everyone but I for one love them.

floozie-by-frost-french-pink-flamingo-flat-sandalsThe next pair are these Floozie Flamingo sandals. They are so fun! I haven’t worn them yet but I will soon.

Faith wedged sandalsNext are these Faith black strappy leather high heel sandals, my favorite thing about them is the almost wedge heel, which is really massive. The last pair I bought was a pair of Dune brown leather lace-up oxford shoes but I couldn’t find a product image.

Faith Black strappy leather high heel sandals

Oasis Bloom Bird Print DressNow on to the dresses, I bought 3 dresses in Oasis and the one pictured above is my favorite. The color (green is my favorite color because I have green eyes) and the shape are both amazing and the material is really nice. I love the floral/bird print embroidery going on. I haven’t worn it yet as I feel it is a special dress so I’m saving it.

oasis black and white houndstooth dressThis dress is also from Oasis and it has been worn already twice, once in London when we had dinner with my distant aunt and uncle (they are the nicest people, I’m always happy when we get to see them) and once in Prague for my birthday celebratory dinner. I love the different sized houndstooth print and the over-layer, this dress is very “me”.

oasis fading flower dressAnother Oasis dress, also already worn twice. I absolutely love the fading of the print and it is very easy to wear. I also bought a striped top, but again I couldn’t find a product photo (and I have yet to wear it). I bought a few more dresses, in the Retro Clothing shop and I bought a few books in Camden St Cyr Vintage shop. We also went to Primark, where I bought loads of black opaque tights and PJ’s.

One of the only non-sale items I bought is this Aldo Almemosa tote bag in a gorgeous blue. I have worn it almost non-stop while in London and I absolutely love it. It’s roomy enough but also doesn’t look too big. (My only dislike is that the front pocket that you can see is fake, it’s just the zipper, but whatever, I still love the bag.)

aldo almemosa bagIt’s actually two bags in one as the inside holds another bag, which you can detach. I haven’t worn it that way yet but I definitely plan to do so.

aldo bag detailThe last item I’ll show you is this Kate Moss for Topshop dress I bought. It’s the vintage 50’s yellow tea dress from her older collection. I’ve worn it once and I quite like it. Anyways, that’s all I have to show you today and like I mentioned above, the next post should be up on Monday, so see you then!

kate moss for topshop vintage 50' yellow lemon tea dress

5 thoughts on “Files of New: London shopping”

  1. Wow, what a haul. I’ve loved Floozie for years and curse my big boobs for not fitting into their bras (though I buy all their pants instead). Love that they have some shoes now…I need to learn to walk in flats, so I can get those flamingos. I’m not keen on Birkenstocks or Toms, just the shapes that don’t appeal. LOVE that green dress and the yellow one is stunning too.

    1. I didn’t know they did clothes too! But I did see lots of different fun flats from them in Debenhams and at very good prices too. I like Birkenstocks because they remind me of my childhood as I would wear them in the summer months. I was on a swim team and that would be the typical footwear of choice besides pool slides. And Toms, well, there’s something about them that I just really like. In theory they should be very unappealing but somehow they work for me. It’s probably because I have small feet for my height. Plus when I have bad blisters comfort definitely has a bigger say in my footwear choice than when I can just wear anything I want to.

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