Just a quick planner post

I’m back from London (we arrived last night, cuddled Bananas and then went out to dinner) and right now I’m relaxing at home (I took an additional day off from work) and this morning my new Erin Condren life planner arrived! I chose the watercolor palette cover and it’s the 18 month version. I also purchased two sets of the Erin Condren markers (we don’t have Sharpies here). I filled out the past week and what went on during our vacation. 

Here you can see the first week in the new planner. I’m decorating it with more caution than my old one. (In my old planner I liked to go a bit crazy with the stickers and washi tape but I started to feel like it’s a tad too much, so I’m going with more simple decorating in the new one. I’ve decided to now start using the old one for uni and work related planning and my new one as a planner/diary for everything and as a keepsake.) I bought the planner for myself as an early birthday gift but because of our holiday its delivery was delayed until today.

 I also purchased the launch bundle (containing one of the sets of markers and a sticker book). I haven’t used the stickers yet but I definitely am happy that I bought it, the plastic envelope they come in is nice and sturdy. I repurchased photo stickers (I love using them for birthdays in the monthly view) and the functional designer dots, which I am trying to use more. It’s my birthday today so I did a little bit of planner decorating and penned down the details of our holiday. Now I need to unpack! 

Btw, I’m wearing my new super cute Primark pajamas. Aren’t they the cutest?

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