Blood Orange

Blood orange or red orange is a favorite of mine, both as in the juice and the color. This dress is more red than red orange but in this particular photo it’s close enough. I love this dress btw. (Oasis) The shoes are from Melissa and they are the studded Doris flats. Love them!

melissa doris spikedI’m still in London but heading home tomorrow, I can’t wait to hold Bunny Bananas (my sis has been traditionally staying at my place and taking care of my pet, bless her) so I’m excited about going home. Also today has been super annoying in London. The fucking tube strike is making everything much harder. Crowded buses and people everywhere, plus delays, so thank you tube drivers, you selfish bastards.

4 thoughts on “Blood Orange”

  1. Oh dear, I heard the strike was causing chaos! We always have a good old laugh at London though, because the slightest little thing throws them, they don’t always cope well (like a tiny bit of snow or something). You look gorgeous in that colour.

    1. It was really annoying! Especially since they basically don’t have any reason to strike, the change will bring some 3000 new jobs and they won’t be doing any more hours than they already are doing plus they will be getting more money. I was seriously annoyed! Haha yeah I know what you mean, I think every big city is the same though 😀 And thank you.

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