IMG_7994Another belated pre-London vacation post, this time featuring a dress turned skirt DIY item. It was originally from Stradivarius, it is really old (bought like 7 years ago?) and since I turned it from a dress into a skirt shortly after purchasing it. I think I wore it as a dress only once as maxi dresses aren’t really my thing. While I like them on others, they very rarely feel like my style. (Currently in my dress collection I have two maxi dresses, both very old but I do occasionally wear them.) So I decided to turn it into a skirt and have worn it a few times, I prefer it like a skirt and am glad that I made the change (if I recall correctly, the dress was really hard to get into anyways).

IMG_7997I wore an old necklace, also from Stradivarius  if I’m not mistaking. This look felt both relaxed with a slight boho vibe but at the same time with a slight edginess to it. I think the maxi skirt with the see-through fabric just does that on it’s own, the exposed yet covered juxtaposition.

zara studded ballerina flats blackMy shoes are from Zara and are these black studded ballet flats, I love these and they are definitely almost too-worn. They are super comfy too and I love the black studs on black leather look. My shirt is also from Zara, also old and one of my favorites. It is so soft and has that faded feel of a favorite tee. Bag is Iron Fist and jacket Aeropostale.


7 thoughts on “Boho-edged”

  1. Maxi dresses aren’t much my style either, but like you, I still have a few. I can’t help but feel that Bo-ho vibe when I wear mine also. I like how this turned out as a skirt.

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