London Continued: the last two days

IMG_8213Wednesday was both a very lovely day and a slightly annoying one due to the tube strike, which luckily only really affected our evening transport. We started the day at Westminster and went for a super long walk. M wanted to stop by the Whisky exchange store again and I got to wait and read, which was quite nice actually.

IMG_8216My outfit was simple but very “me”: new Aldo tote, old Pull&Bear cardigan, Zara tee, H&M skirt, black opaque tights and my Toms shoes. I also had my super old and totally favorite Zara leopard print scarf.

IMG_8226 IMG_8229We went to the Design museum, then took the tube to Leicester Square and had lunch. We went to Jermyn street so M could buy a new suit, we also went to United Nude, where I really liked one pair of shoes but they didn’t  have my size.

IMG_8232Above you can see a very happy M. We went to Regent street and stopped by the Penhaligon’s, M bought me Elixir for my birthday. We went to Debenham’s (only to the shoes floor) and I bought some shoes. We also went to Primark where I had wanted to buy some more PJ’s but someone pulled the fire alarm and we had to vacate the store. It was right about the time the metro would be closing so we caught the last one. It was crazy! So many people everywhere and quite a lot of chaos too.

We went back to our hotel, changed outfits and then headed out to visit my aunt and uncle, we took the 46 bus, which had  a huge delay and was rather crowded. We had a lovely dinner with my family and it was great to see them.

IMG_8235I wore my new Oasis hounds tooth dress. (I wore it for my birthday dinner too, which you will see in a later post;)

oasis black and white houndstooth dressThursday morning was all about the packing and then we visited the British Museum, which we walked to because it wasn’t that far and the tube strike was going on. You could see the incredible bus queues everywhere, I felt really bad for people who were trying to get to work. We also stopped by Primark where I bought the same PJ’s with the bulldog print, I now have two of them and love the so much. I hardly wear anything else at home!

IMG_8244This was the outfit I wore to the museum: Zara skinny jeans (they’re not supposed to be cropped but I’m tall), Zara tee, H&M tank top, Aldo bag and new Dune oxfords. We then headed back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and I changed shoes, I wore my new Doc Martens shoes but then ended up changing into my Toms, I love those shoes! We took the train to Gatwick airport and then waited a super long queue because our luggage was over the weight limit (so annoying!) and then our flight took us to Prague. I’m always so glad to be home after my vacation, especially if everything is okay and we are fine and our luggage has made it safely back to us. Life is good. My birthday was the next day, on Friday, and we had a lovely dinner, which I’ll post about in my next post. So see you then!

3 thoughts on “London Continued: the last two days”

  1. That houndstooth dress is great. Primark are terrific for jammies, practically all of mine are from there. I used to have this beautiful leather purse from Penhaligons (well probably still have it somewhere), it was the most gorgeous colour.

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