It’s My Birthday, You Missed It.

IMG_8274July 10th is my birthday and we had just gotten back from London the night before, I took an additional day off from work to unwind post holiday. I spent the day lazying about and then in the evening M and I headed out to one of our favorite restaurant for a lovely birthday dinner.

melissa light blue ultragirl flatsAs for my outfit, I wore comfy Melissa flats. I haven’t been wearing heels much this summer, or at all actually, the last time I wore heels was about 15 weeks ago (according to my instagram)! I first picked out the dress and I chose the new Oasis houndstooth dress, then I decided to wear the aldo bag because I have been loving it lately and it feels nice and summery.

oasis black and white houndstooth dressTo go with the bag I went with the Melissa flats because the colors are very similar. As for accessories I kept things very simple, just had on a pair of stud earrings. And I wore my Aeropostal denim jacket and also had a black pashmina scarf on hand for it was still the early days of summer here in Prague (it was quite windy). Since then summer has finally come full swing and it has been HOT. Not that I’m complaining, I’m a summer girl through and through.

IMG_8261 IMG_8265 IMG_8276I hope you liked my outfit, it was cute, though I will be honest and say it was nothing special really. I mean, I felt good in it and all but it just wasn’t that much on an effort. I guess it’s the accessories (or lack of) that make or break an outfit. Which brings me to Outfit August: Leah is hosting again this year and I’m super excited to join in once again. The whole idea of it is to wear old piece with the new ones and to accessories and to have fun. I love her. Anyways, I’ve been posting my OA outfits on instagram so far but as I finally seem to be caught up with my super old posts, I will be doing Outfit August posts for the rest of August (with a few more belated July outfits thrown in for good measure).


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