Outfit August! Yay!

IMG_8480One of my favorite bloggers, Leah, is once again hosting Outfit August, which is a fun idea about reusing older items from your closet and not being obsessed about all things new all the time, as is the case with most fashion blogs. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love new things. But I also love combining new things with old items, or just going with all old items sometimes. Anyways, it’s already mid August and I have had a slow start but alas, Outfit August is finally here! I wanted the first outfit of Outfit August that I would post on my blog to be a bit special, and I think this was the perfect outfit.

OUTFIT AUGUSTMy dress is from Topshop and it’s one of my absolute favorite dresses. (It’s the Topshop hot pink Crop Overlay Duchess Satin Dress.) I bought it last year when M and I wore on holiday in London. It’s also a special dress because I wore it the day we got engaged for our night out celebration, the first time we visited the Bohemia Lounge. So this dress has some very nice memories, plus I just adore how it looks. I love overlays on dresses, the color is lovely and the shape is gorgeous.

topshop HOT PINK Crop Overlay Duchess Satin DressMy double clutch bag is a more recent purchase, it was a gift from M which I picked out. It consists of three separate clutch bags which can be attached to each other. I have been wearing the leopard print one (which is the biggest of the three) a lot lately, so you will definitely be seeing it soon in an outfit post. aldo flamingo clutch bagAnyways, on this particular evening (M and I went with friends to a bar where a friend of ours works) I decided to wear the two smaller clutches together and I thought it worked out quite well actually. I think the flamingo clutch is rather cute but it’s a bit too small, so the floral clutch allowed me to take a little bit more with me.

topshop silver sandalsMy shoes are from Topshop and they are very old. I bought them in 2011 (during our first London holiday) and the photo above and the one below are both from 2011.

msveve2011I also wore a bracelet that I was given from M’s parents a couple Christmases ago. And a pair of River Island stud earrings that I have had for ages as well. All in all this is one of my favorite outfits of this year, I felt really good wearing it and looking back at the photos I still like the outfit (which isn’t always the case, sometimes I look back at the photos and I’m like wtf was I wearing?!)


4 thoughts on “Outfit August! Yay!”

    1. Thank you:) I love that I can actually fit something in them, not like in some of my other clutches which are so tiny inside that it’s like I’m not even wearing a bag with me, so what’s the point? šŸ˜€

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