Bees like ice cream

bee print dress, ice cream clutchYou know I really like something when I wear it twice in the span of a week or so. I’m talking about these Zara flats I blogged about recently. I really love these shoes!

zara open-work ballerina flatsI wore them the weekend before last to a family dinner.  I wore this bee print dress from Trollied Dolly and

trollied dolly bee print dressThe last time I wore this dress was over a year ago when I went all out with a matchy matchy look. This time I kept things more simple.

IMG_1728Inspired by my shoes I wanted to keep my accessories all black and white-ish. My earrings are little white flowers, my sweater is a simple black one from Zara, and finally the most fun of them all is my clutch bag.

new look ice cream clutchIt’s from New Look and it’s in the shape of an ice cream cone.  I had a bit of a problem getting it – I first ordered it from Asos but my parcel must have gotten lost, so then because I didn’t want to wait for Asos to reship it and I had to wait in case of postal delays to get a refund, I ordered it from the New Look website along with another clutch (I figured if the Asos order did indeed arrive in the mail after all, I could just send it back for a refund either way). My reasoning behind choosing this particular bag was “bees like ice cream”.  Anyways, dinner was great (though the kids – M’s brother’s kids – were as obnoxious as always) and then we walked home.


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