Fishkus Fest

Last weekend M and I and some friends went to a seafood festival (as most of you know, I don’t eat meat but I do eat some seafood.) The weather was perfect, sunny and warm. And so I had some fun with my outfit:

IMG_7411My theme was center around a play on black and white, the monochrome look is still a favorite for me but I mixed things up a bit by wearing one black and one white Melissa Barbie Stiletto print ultragirl flat shoe. When I bought them in 2011 I first bought the white pair and then right away I knew I needed the black pair too in order to do this mixed and matched look.


I’ll show you this fun way I styled them back in 2012 giving three ways to wear them:

black and white 3 ways to wear shoesI have to say I do prefer these clean black and white outfits simply because I like how cohesive they are. That said, I also quite like my current outfit, because it was really fun and the yellow dress really pops. The dress in question is this Asos Straw Crochet dress.

asos premium straw crochet dress with pep hemI started off wearing black opaque tights but it was very warm out so I decided to take them off. It’s funny how in the close-up shoe photo above my legs actually look a bit tanned because they are not at all! I upped the contrast in that photo to show off the details on the shoes (I had posted that photo on instagram, otherwise I don’t edit my photos.)

IMG_7407This is a more realistic portrayal of my complete and utter paleness. Although I do think I caught a bit of color on them actually, I’m normally even paler.

IMG_7423To play along with the black and white theme I wore one black and one white stud earring and one of my favorite satchel bags (from H&M). I also wore a jean jacket that I bought in NYC.

H&M spotted white and black satchel bagAfter our seafood lunch we went to the riverbank and sat around a while and then we went to M’s parents’ flat and I did some installments on their computer before heading home. It was a really nice day and I hope you liked my outfit.

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