When in Rome… Pt.1

20150501_170907We had a really great time in Rome, thanks to the pleasure only really good weather and amazing food can bring. My top three things that are important in life (besides good company) are weather, food, and a tie between books/movies (and possibly shoes). Anyways, we arrived on Friday, picked up our Rome passes and then took the train to Termini station, then a tram to our hotel. We took a selfie, I don’t wear make-up when I’m traveling, it just feels uncomfortable for me, so this is one of the few times you’ll ever see a photo of me without any make-up.

rome (1)

I changed outfits (from comfy leggings and a long top, which I had on for the flight, to my favorite skirt, a top and undershirt with a jean jacket on top; I didn’t change shoes because I knew we were going to walk around for hours and hours so trainers were really the best only choice. You’ve seen these shoes before in at least one of my NYC posts, these are my go-to travel shoes.)

puma munroeWe went out and had a lovely lunch. The restaurant was called Padellaccio2 and we picked it mainly that it was just across the street from our hotel and we were very hungry. The food was good and the service was okay but when we returned another time it was a bit of a disappointment, but more on that later.

rome (4)rome (6)After lunch we headed first back to our hotel (M changed shirts) and then out to do some sight-seeing.

rome (8) rome (17) rome (19)rome (22) rome (25)It was a long day, we had dinner at Due Colonne (good food, especially dessert, which was great but sadly it was also the tiniest chocolate cake ever, and they had really horrible bathrooms. I have to say restrooms in Rome are generally very nasty, be prepared.) After dinner we walked around some more, M bought me a lovely bag and then headed back to our hotel, I instantly crashed into bed and fell asleep.

Day two – Saturday

rome (29)Our day started with a Food Tour (Taste of Testaccio). When we visited Rome three years ago we also took part of the same tour. We liked it so much we decided to do it again. Last time my favorite part of the tour was the mini tiramisu in an eatable  chocolate cup and it was my favorite yet again.

rome (30)rome (33)The food tour takes about 4 hours but it’s at a very relaxed pace and I enjoyed it so much. Being vegetarian meant that I did have some different foods from the others but it was completely fine (you just have to let them know in advance).

rome (36)We stopped by for more tiramisu after the tour and then went on to do loads of sight-seeing.

rome (38) rome (41) rome (46) rome (48) rome (51) rome (52)We also did a little bit of shopping – I bought the golden Zara sandals and then we went back to our hotel, I changed outfits and wore both the new bag and my new sandals.

rome (57)rome (59)The bag has such a interesting shape. It reminds me of a fig. We had dinner at a pizzeria called Formule1, the food was good and really cheap too, plus the service was good so we were very happy. We then headed home to our hotel and M drank wine on the balcony while I just went to sleep (way too tired to stay up).

Stay tuned for Pt.2 tomorrow.

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