When in Rome… Pt.2

rome (76)Day three- Sunday

A very busy day. We visited Neptune’s fountain, the Spanish steps, Villa Borghese (the Galery Borghese) and the lovely Borghese gardens.

rome (67) rome (68) rome (73) rome (74) rome (75) rome (79) rome (80)rome (86) rome (87) rome (88) rome (90) rome (94) How cute is this shirt?? It’s from Brat & Suzie and features a rabbit (with attitude, I like to imagine that he’s showing us the finger) eating watermelon. rome (105) rome (108) rome (109) rome (110) rome (111) rome (112)

Then we also stopped by two Zaras on Corso street (I bought the dress, skirt, t-shirt and shoes), we had lunch (don’t remember the name of the restaurant, but it was on Via dell’ Oca, the food was quite good but the service was rather bad, it took forever and the waiter was annoying). rome (116) rome (117) rome (118) Then we went to visit the Palatine museums. I changed into the new Zara skirt. It didn’t really go with the rest of my outfit but I felt like wearing it anyways.rome (120) rome (121) rome (127) rome (130) rome (132) My favorite statue.rome (133) rome (142) rome (143)We then went back to our part of the city, had dinner at Padellaccio2 (this time the service was much worse) and then we went to bed. My feet were killing me! Usually Melissa shoes are comfortable but on this day that wasn’t the case. I basically hobbled back to the hotel that night thankful the day was over.

Day four – Monday

We packed our bags and left them at the hotel, where there was a little space in the corner of the hallway where you could leave your bags (I really hate doing this but M always wants to get the most out of our holidays so he likes to fly back at night, I’m always scared our my bags will get stolen or lost) and we headed out. We visited Caracala Terme. We then visited Forum Romanum and then had lunch at La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali (my favorite of the restaurants we visited) and then M returned for our bags while I waited at the Termini train station and then we headed to the airport and home.

rome (144)rome (145) rome (150) rome (152)rome (155) rome (167) rome (169) rome (172)rome (176) rome (177) rome (178) rome (180)rome (181)rome (182) rome (184) rome (186)

6 thoughts on “When in Rome… Pt.2”

  1. I’m studying abroad in Italy in the fall and this got me so excited! I love your pictures.

    1. Thanks 🙂 And yup, definitely, I think how I usually wear it in a side braid you can’t really tell how long it actually is so when I have it down and straight, it looks (is) really long 🙂

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