Rome… Again?!

Are you sick of Rome yet? I hope not but this will be the last Rome themed post for a while, I promise. Today I’m sharing with you our first Roman Holiday, when we visited Rome in September 2012.

3397_10151083901643927_13804405_nWe had three days in Rome and M managed to fit everything into our holiday (it was a bit too much actually, M is a bit of a slave-driver when we are on holiday and at one point my foot was bleeding from a bad blister and he was like “stop stalling, walk faster, we have to see this and this” and I was just dying. Admittedly he had warned me to wear different shoes but still! This time around we had a more relaxing holiday and I was very thankful!)

485806_10151083901593927_1259405796_n 376443_10151083901768927_268730633_n561841_10151083901953927_725246089_n 426240_10151083901838927_302172974_n301119_10151083902203927_1972134726_n 267273_10151083902283927_1982054965_n 150136_10151083902328927_1653687182_n263887_10151083902428927_212546417_n 404716_10151083902488927_1195542371_nThis photo cracks me up, M looks so young and innocent here.

76218_10151083902558927_1528295177_nThese were the evil shoes and in their defense I will say this: they are comfortable and are suitable for walking, just not so much walking. We simply did too much that day and I have very sensitive feet. Plus I have weird feet too: I have a very high arch and I’m between sizes so finding shoes that are good for all-day-walking is quite a challenge actually. The running joke in our household is that I have over 400 pairs of shoes but none of them are any good for walking.

425903_10151083902588927_1520235460_n 541981_10151083903163927_130470529_n 196572_10151083902703927_368252275_n 419529_10151083902733927_796942480_n 487594_10151083902878927_9328702_n 533684_10151083903068927_1625254635_n 185112_10151083903308927_1356535164_n 247803_10151083903598927_1496060692_n 251715_10151083903673927_824309424_n 533577_10151083903868927_1127759149_n 404055_10151083903928927_1873044750_n406443_10151083903968927_213658047_n 550660_10151083904028927_948926944_n 383374_10151083904548927_1206982630_n550656_10151083904453927_1082944178_n 564372_10151083904708927_1009485320_nWe took a million photos but I’m trying to keep my posts on the shorter side. I will just mention this, we took part in the food tour and there is a historical stop at the Non-Catholic Cemetery for Foreigners. 255431_10151083904838927_487265271_n 298689_10151083904818927_96190569_n 532167_10151083904873927_1641453562_n This time the angel was covered up because they are repairing her, some vandals damaged the statue. I can’t believe someone would do that?! Anyways, when we visited in 2012 she was displayed. I think we all know what is my favorite part of the statue.

417297_10151083905048927_723399073_n 534225_10151083905843927_1389084095_n 408181_10151083906178927_76341833_n 542194_10151083906368927_653927951_nI definitely enjoyed Rome more this time around than in 2012 but that is mainly because of our more relaxed schedule (which basically isn’t a relaxed schedule at all, but it was a little less “let’s see everything in three days without any rest” so that’s an improvement. One of these days though I’d like to go on one of those really relaxing holidays, the do-nothing-while-laying-in-the-sun kind, not sure I can convince M though. Anyways, going on holidays like this makes M happy and I’m happy when he’s happy, so I just take a day off from work the day after we return from our holiday and relax, do the laundry, read and enjoy the peace and quite.)

6 thoughts on “Rome… Again?!”

  1. Nope, still not sick of it. 🙂 What’s the thing which is set back, kinda like a railway arch? Is it an aqueduct or something? 6 photos above the photo of the foot.

  2. Thank you for sharing these images!
    I love Rome! Although I’ve only visited it twice; it’s one of my favourite cities in the world!!
    Enjoy Roma~

    Vivienne 😉

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