Dinner Date Lantern Dress

IMG_7313After returning from Rome, M was in a bit of a mood as he hates returning home from holiday (I’m the complete opposite, I love going back home because I miss my bed, I miss my closet, I miss my pets, friends and family) and he didn’t want to stay at home so we went out to have dinner inevitably watch the hokey (Prague and Ostrava are hosting this year’s hokey world championship). I wore an easy outfit. I started out with picking this dress to wear. It’s from Asos and is a structured scuba dress, it is the most comfiest thing ever! I’ve worn it I think twice before but never got pictures and then I was saving it to wear to someplace special. And then I thought, forget saving it! Wear it now and enjoy it!

asos skater dress with lantern bonded detailThe color irl is more of a ruby red than in the product image and I quite like that. It has a zipper in the back but it’s very comfortable  because there is lining so the zipper doesn’t actually touch your skin. The dress has a lantern shape to the skirt part and I think it looks sort of dramatic but not in an over-the-top way.

asos skater dress back viewI really love this dress. I have the same dress also in this floral print but the material is different and I prefer the scuba dress, because they are so comfy!

IMG_6781I wore these shoes, irl they are a close match to the color of the dress, or perhaps I should say, in real life in the shitty lighting of my apartment they are exactly the same color but outside I noticed it wasn’t just so. I still quite liked them together and it was a super quite outfit as I had very little to get ready. We literally got out of the taxi, cuddled with Bunny Bananas, I took a super quick shower and threw this on and we went out to have dinner before all the places stopped cooking, it was late. The shoes are from Melissa and are a pair of lace-up flats, I really like them and think they are very easy to wear both with jeans or with dress.

mel-shoes-mel-lemon-shoes-red-flockI added my favorite fake leather jacket (it’s a couple years old, from Zara). As for accessories I just wore one of my favorite pairs of earrings (from Topshop). I’ve had them for years (see picture below) and I love them! My bag is also really old and is from Stradivarius. I also had my black ppashmina scarf with me in case it got chilly but we’ve been lucky with the weather lately and it has been on the warmer side, which I am very thankful for as I love warm weather.

topshop earringssIMG_7318I have a really fun outfit post for you tomorrow so see you then, xo.

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