Age of Ultron

IMG_7168Before we went on our Roman holiday we went to see the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie on Thursday night. I had been so excited to see this film, waiting impatiently to see it for months. Anyways, truth be told, I was a tad disappointed. The script felt a little too all over the place, it had way too many characters and subplots to be a coherent story, and though I would have been a fan of the Black Widow/ Hulk relationship, it felt very forced (and the ending of that kind of sucked). I loved the first Avengers movie (we went to see it twice in the cinema because it was so good) but this one fell a bit short. I would see it again but not in theaters. However, I’m still a fan of the franchise and will go see the other movies when they come out. Anyways, here’s what I wore.

melissa green flatsI planned my outfit around these Melissa shoes. Usually I wear heels when we take the car but I didn’t feel like heels. I just wanted something comfy and easy to wear. Plus I had a pair of new shoes that I hadn’t worn before so that’s always appealing to remedy. Then I just added an Asos stripped dress and an Asos (a few years old) green coat. The coat and the shoes didn’t match and normally that would have bothered me but I didn’t really care, it was a very throw-on-and-go kind of outfit so I didn’t over think it.

asos a line shift dress in stripeIMG_7164The dress is quite short but because I had the coat and a pair of black tights (my solution to everything) I thought it was okay. Although the movie could have been better (Did Hawk Eye really need a back story? No. I did appreciate the Thor in the lake scene, but it was a bit pointless. And seriously the best scene was the fight between Iron Man and the Hulk.) I did have a great time, because cinema dates are my favorite. P.S. I’ll have some Rome photos for you tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Age of Ultron”

  1. Seeing Chris Hemsworth semi-naked can never be a bad thing! It’s funny we’ve been getting ‘old’ episodes of Home & Away on TV (the Australian soap he started out in) this week and he was naked in those a lot, which was good! I’m kind of obsessed with him. Anyway, cute outfit.

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