Caped Out

zara woman cape and yellow dressIt was a bit dark by the time we took these photos so the quality isn’t very good, sorry. This outfit is from last Wednesday when M’s brother celebrated his birthday so the whole family went to dinner at our favorite restaurant. I really liked the outfit though I would have taken different shoes if I hadn’t been running late and then literally running to catch the bus. Oh well, next time I need to plan my time better so I have more time for the commute (1 tram stop and then 2 bus stops isn’t much of a commute but whatever.)

melissa-mel-tangerine-bow-yellowI wore these Melissa Tangerine bow flats shoes and I still wish they’d be more yellow, but this way they better matched my clutch bag. The bag is from Zara and it doesn’t fit much (I had to remove my phone case from my phone in order to fit my phone and it’s not even that big!) but it’s really interesting so I kind of love it. Plus it was a surprise gift from M so that’s always special.

zara PVC clutchinstaveveThe photo above is how I wore the bag ages ago, when we still lived at the old flat. I actually kind of miss the old flat, well, not the flat itself but the location of it. But I’m learning to like it here too.

asos premium straw crochet dress with pep hemThe dress I wore was this awesome Asos crochet dress, which I have been dying to wear ever since I bought it in winter and was just waiting for a good opportunity. I really like the dress but M’s family teased me that it had been made from recycled shopping bags. They do love to tease but it’s okay, the dress is still pretty in my eyes.

IMG_6892I almost forgot to mention this amazing cape from Zara Woman that I was wearing. It’s one of my favorite weird outer wear items that I own, I remember that I had lusted for it a good deal but it was too expensive and then by chance I happened upon it in the sales. I’m not sure how old it is but I know I’ve had it for years (as you can see from the photos below,me with dark hair and again at the old flat.)

Caped Veezara woman cape

Anyways, last Wednesday was a turning point weather wise as it had finally begun to get warmer. I’m so happy about Spring, you wouldn’t believe! The cape is more of an Autumn piece but I was rushing about and I wanted to wear it so that’s that. It’s finally Friday so I hope you all have a lovely weekend and see you soon, xo.

5 thoughts on “Caped Out”

  1. We’ve had much nicer weather, dry and bright, but unfortunately not overly warm. Just nice when the sun is shining though. I really need to get a cape (though I’m not sure it would suit my shape). I love that clutch.

  2. Damn, every pair of Melissa’s you wear I fall in love with. I love that they lean towards the mustard side a little. The cape reminds me of Sherlock Holmes! 😀 (In a good way!)

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