Strawberry shortcake

This is a photo (a bad one too, the lighting is terrible) from last Friday. I wore this to dinner and then to the vet’s office (Bananas needed to get her shots). Luckily the vet we go to is really fast and you go by appointment so there’s no waiting! Bananas was a sweetheart although she didn’t talk to me the next day (she was hiding in her little house, ignoring me. I’m not surprised, getting a vaccination shot is no fun. She has since forgiven me and all is right in our little world. Unfortunately she does need to get a second shot in two weeks.)

new look strawberry clutchMy outfit was centered around this  fun New Look Strawberry clutch bag. I love clutches especially when the weather is warmer. Though to be honest I could do with a bigger bag. (The search for a cute but generously sized bag continues.)

mel-shoes-mel-lemon-shoes-red-flockAs for shoes I went with a pair of red lace-up Melissa flats. (I think they were called Lemon, they have a suede look upper with some brogue like detailing.)

zara yellow pique coatMy coat is from Zara and it’s the Zara yellow pique coat. I love the color but I’m not a massive fan of the 3/4th sleeves. Nonetheless, I reckon it will get worn loads (this was its first outing and as it has gotten much warmer. things are looking up).

IMG_6908* I had a strawberry dessert after dinner, I felt it was pretty much mandatory given the bag I had with me. It was delicious.

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