Hearts and Polka dots

IMG_6823This outfit was from Sunday when M and I went to have lunch at M’s parents’ flat. We walked there instead of taking the car (M wanted to have beer and I didn’t feel like driving, because I never feel like driving) and it was actually quite cold (it had snowed in the morning). I started with picking out which bag I wanted to take. I don’t have that many good bags, a lot of my bags are showing considerable wear and tear, and most of my bags are functional rather than fashionable. However, this H&M spotted white and black satchel bag is one of my cuter bags. It fits a good amount of stuff and I think it’s really adorable too!

H&M spotted white and black satchel bagAfter picking out the bag, I moved on to shoes. I knew I wanted to keep the black and white monochrome theme going, so I went with these Melissa pointed toe heart flats. Also they are very comfortable to wear, love them!

melissa heart flatsThe last time I documented wearing them was in September when I wore them with a really comfortable casual outfit (one I will totally repeat once it gets warmer, read the post here).

IMG_3726But back to the recent outfit. I loved the shoes and the bag together, but I didn’t feel like going overboard with the monochrome theme so instead I chose a block-colored dress. This one is from Oasis via Asos, bought about a year or so ago.

IMG_6813To tie in with the monochrome theme a bit more I also added this Asos cat print belt. It’s so cute! I bought it a couple years ago but I don’t really wear it as much as I thought I would, because usually I end up wearing a cardigan (I get cold very easily) and then no one can see the belt anyway. But I’m trying to  be better with adding accessories.

asos skinny belt with cat print and heart closureI also wore a pair of silver dangly earrings that have a green stone which matches the green of the dress. The are very delicate. I bought them like seven years ago on an auction site from an independent seller.

green earringsThe rest of my outfit were just functional pieces: Topshop winter coat, Pull & Bear cardigan, Zara knitted hat.

IMG_6816I was happy with this outfit, though nothing really out of the ordinary with regards to my style. I wish it was warmer out as I really want to get into spring fashion (I’m visualizing a lot of cropped jackets, blazers and fun dresses) but it is what it is. It’s supposed to be a warm weekend though so I’m excited about that. I’ll see you tomorrow with another outfit post, xo.

6 thoughts on “Hearts and Polka dots”

    1. Thank you:) it’s not a color I wear often (probably because I only have this one dress in the color). I quite like them, the shoes:) If I could only wear one shoe brand for the rest of my life it would bd Melissa:))

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