Worst Nightmare

A few days ago M and I went to see Fast & Furious 7. I had on a really cute outfit and I went all matchy-matchy. (My shoes were coordinated with the details on my satchel bag, and went well with my wool blazer, my dress matched the main color of the bag, my tights were black as was my cardigan and my pashmina scarf. It was all good.) As we were headed for the garage to get our car and go to the cinema, I heard this noise (like if my shoe was stuck on something and then popped away) but I didn’t notice anything and we went to the cinema. When we got there and on the way to get our tickets, the same thing happened with the other shoe. This time I paid more attention and then I realized that my sole (actually both of the soles) had become unattached from the shoe! Bloody hell! Literally one of my worst nightmares!! Both of my shoes were hanging on only at the toe part of the shoe! It was very difficult to walk (as I was worried the whole thing would come off and I’d trip and die.) We had a little over 15 minutes before the movie was supposed to begin so M went to get tickets and I went to Aldo to buy some shoes. I ended up buying the shoes pictured in the photo below (I didn’t manage to get outfit photos before.)

IMG_6828But I’ll show you how the shoes were destroyed below.

These were the shoes that I had had on: Asos Amplify ankle wedges with a peep toe.

asos amplify punch out wedge ankle bootsAnd here you can see how they were ruined. I took this photo when we got home, see, I’m not making this up. The soles were literally hanging on only at the toe sections.

IMG_6832Both of the shoes were in the same condition. It was HORRIBLE. I took these photos to send to my bestie and she was like “no way!”.

shoe malfunctionThis was the previous time I had worn the shoes, which was quite a long time ago (November 2013). I guess I can get them fixed (I could probably even do it myself with loads of super glue but I’m not sure I could ever trust them completely!)

asosLuckily there is a happy end to this story, in the form of some new shoes! As I mentioned above, I went to Aldo (actually first M and I stopped by Reserved but I didn’t see anything I liked so we split up, he went for the tickets and I went to Aldo) and I went to their sales section, as I didn’t want to spend loads. I first tried on a pair of black leather look wedges but they were a bit uncomfortable and I don’t like the idea of buying shoes I know I’ll never wear. Then I tried on a pair of flat calf-length tan boots but they just weren’t right (keep in mind I had only 15 minutes to find a new pair). Finally I tried on these Trerasa ankle boots with an open heel detail. They’re not shoes I would typically go for but I quite liked them, they fit okay (a little big though) and so these were the winners.

aldo trerasa ankle bootsI’m really happy with them, I think the shape is quite interesting and I like the buckles too. Plus I like a pointed toe shoe and I feel they are a good addition to my shoe collection. All’s well that ends well.

IMG_6827Outfit details: Zara wool blazer, Oasis dress, Pull&Bear cardigan, Primark tights, Pull&Bear satchel bag, Aldo Trerasa ankle boots.

4 thoughts on “Worst Nightmare”

  1. Oh God, scary! I’ve had heels snap and split (!) but never lost a sole! Was the movie good? I’m nearly bawling just seeing the advert on TV…feel a warning should come up to prepare me for seeing Paul Walker!

    1. The freakiest thing was that it happened to BOTH shoes! So weird!

      It’s was okay, but the ending was a bit long winded. And it was definitely sad at the end when the screen was filled with a message “For Paul”. (Out of the Fast &Furious my favorite is the fifth movie and then the sixth and then this one.)

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