I wasn’t supposed to buy anything but I couldn’t  help myself. I placed an Asos order today. I feel a bit guilty as I’m on the verge of being very broke but I NEEDED an outlet for my stress (I working on my thesis paper again and it’s about as stressful as it gets). Here are some of the things I purchased:

new look strawberry clutchI’ve had my eye on this New Look strawberry clutch and it was the one from the new line that I wanted the most (along with the pineapple one). I was thinking of getting the Skinny Dip Unicorn Tears clutch bag but that one was more than twice the amount that this one cost, so in the end I just went to the cheaper option.

asos shift dress in wide stripeI ordered this Asos shift dress in wide stripe. I’ve been loving stripes lately and I knew I was missing a wide stripe dress so I went for this one. I thought the price was very good (£16) and hopefully the fit will be good.

scented pen setAs you know, I recently placed an order for an Erin Condren life planner (I’m so excited about it, it has been printed and now I’m waiting for them to ship it to me), but sadly there really aren’t that many stationery shops in Prague. We don’t have a Target or a Micheals or anything like that. While that will make decorating my planner all the more difficult, that doesn’t mean I won’t be able to have a lovely planner. It will just be a bit more work. I’ve downloaded a few free printable planner stickers and I ordered this set of scented pens from Asos. I also ordered the decorative tape pictured below. It’s from Ohh Deer and there’s a birthday cake and the text “you’re getting old” – I thought it was quite funny and I could put it in my planner when someone is having their birthday like instead of washi tape.

ohh deer you're getting oldI ordered this Oasis Blurred Floral midi skirt, I  love the colors and I’m really into midi skirts lately. I always used to wear short short skirts but I’ve been a bit fed up with short skirts. I definitely still wear them and mini-dresses too but I tend to wear them with black opaque tights. I feel more comfortable in a midi length skirt because it gives me a bit more coverage and I also love when they are a full shape. It makes me feel all glamorous.

Oasis Blurred Floral Midi SkirtI hope you all have a lovely Easter and I’ll be back on Wednesday with a new outfit post. I also hope you enjoyed this post and see you soon!

4 thoughts on “Ordered”

  1. Must be something in the air with regards to spending…I was feeling very smug that I’d saved money recently, then all these Easter offers came along and I couldn’t resist treating myself to a ridiculous amount of Irregular Choice shoes (erm 5 pairs). I will get KILLED if I get caught with the parcel, so I’m hoping nobody is home when they arrive!

    I haven’t bought any of the novelty clutches from NL this season…I like the ice lolly best and then the pineapple and strawberry. I got the unicorn tears one, it’s utterly brilliant! I want the new shell shaped one SkinnyDip are bringing out this month, total mermaid!

    1. Wow five pairs! I would get killed too (especially since I’ve no money). I want the Skinny Dip one but then something about it being unicorn TEARS makes me a bit sad. Definitely, love that shell shaped one!!

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