Friday the 13th

IMG_6499On Friday the 13th M and I went to a family dinner at the restaurant that we most frequently go to, as it is super close (two stops by public transport or a 15 minute walk) and we quite like what they serve there. This is the outfit that I was wearing.

asos leap of faithI decided to risk the chill and wear some cute shoes as I am so sick of all of my ankle boots! These are my Asos “Leap of Faith” black and white Mary Jane flats. I think they are just the cutest. They are very comfortable to wear and go with basically everything in my wardrobe (or almost everything). Unfortunately it was still a bit too cold for them and my feet felt really cold on the way to and from the restaurant.

IMG_6488I hadn’t planned on going out Friday night – I ate way too much food during dinner and then we stopped by Marks and Spencer on the way home, where I bought my favorite junk food (cheese flavored nachos, yum). We were cozy watching Sherlock Holmes 2 on our couch when my bestie called and convinced us to go out. The evening didn’t end the best way, it ended up with me throwing my drink in someone’s face and leaving, we took a taxi home with my bestie laughing all the way at the guy’s shocked expression (he totally deserved it) and M being tolerably supportive (he had been at the restrooms when the incident took place). Sadly, I didn’t get a single outfit photo of what I wore out to the club (a cute Zara dress and Asos wedges):

zara dress asos wedge trainersBecause I didn’t have an outfit photo I made this collage instead. The dress is a lovely pale yellow and has a bird print all over and I love that my Asos wedge trainers perfectly matched the colors of  the birds. I also wore black opaque tights and a black cardi. I really liked the outfit and will probably re-wear it again sometime, because I really like how the colors matched up. Although to be completely honest, if it had been warmer I would have chosen different shoes (as I’m so over ankle boots, but because I had nearly frozen in the shoes I was wearing to dinner, I chose more rationally when picking out what to wear out to the club.) But back to the dinner date outfit.

all eyes on unique modcloth bird cage print dressI wore this amazing dress from Modcloth (All Eyes on Unique Dress in Birdcage). I love the oversized white collar and the birdcage print is so pretty. This was the first time I have worn it and it is a beautiful dress, I know it will get a lot more wear once it gets warmer (my motto lately). The green coat I wore is from Asos and is a couple years old.


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