Better late than never

IMG_5887bA very belated outfit post – I actually wore this outfit on Valentine’s day afternoon when we went food shopping and then stopped by the Sconto furniture store to pay for our new closet. Anyways, I wore a really comfy outfit that I quite liked, but it was more “wearable” than “fashionable”. I wore a super comfy pair of shoes (Kenneth Cole for Reaction “saltnpep” black pony flats) that I really love.

kenneth cole reaction saltnpep black ponyI wore one of my favorite dresses (it’s funny that I got this H&M black and white scuba dress in the last selection of the sales and it cost like literally almost nothing and it’s become one of my favorite dresses). I love this dress. While I was looking for photo of my having worn it, I happened upon the collage featuring Mr. Pig. I miss him but  life goes on. I must say that I am really thankful for having Miss Bunny Bananas in my life to help fill the void left after Dracul (though nothing can replace him. R.I.P. my sweet boy.)

mohito polka dot flat shoes, H&M black and white dress, Zara red beltIMG_3202The last item I want to mention is this Warehouse checked coat. It’s very lightweight so I haven’t gotten much wear out of it yet (it was a post Christmas purchase) but I think with the warmer weather, it will be of some use. I love the colors of the coat and I think the checked print is really interesting and not typical checked print, which is great.

warhouse check coatThis being on Valentine’s day I was in a splendid mood. The boy and I exchanged gifts already in the morning as I hate waiting (patience is overrated), and as I received the best gift ever, I was so happy (I had wanted to buy the gift box for myself but it had been sold out so you can imagine my surprise at getting it). I can’t believe it’s already been a month since  this lovely day and wonderful evening (we ended up spending the evening at home, M cooked, I helped, it was marvelous.) I can’t wait to wear the coat again as I know (=hope) it will be warm enough soon, yay!


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