The confessions of a Hoarder

This probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone reading my blog for some time, but it’s true, I’m a bit of a hoarder. I hoard shoes, beauty products, dresses, perfumes and anything else that I like. 😊 One of my biggest issues is always storage, (so many things and too little space). Luckily about a week ago our new massive closet arrived! Yay! 

(And it’s already almost full. Yikes!)

I reorganized my main closet (actually, I’m still in the process) and have moved all my winter coats and trench coats and dresses that I don’t want to hang up into this new closet.

I also organized my perfume collection. (On the right starting with Dior J’adore are almost empty bottles, I hate running out of favorite perfume 😔.)

I’m really happy with the new closet (though, obviously, could be bigger). I’m really glad I now have much easier access to my handbags and clutches.

Now all I have to do is clean my shoe room (messy!) and hopefully it will soon be time to pack away my boots and resurface my sandals. (I also need some better lighting in there!)

I’ll now leave you with a photo of what I wore last friday (current fave trainers, New Balance). Happy Monday everyone 😘

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