Kingsman Again

With little cinema options to choose from, M and I decided to go see the Kingsman film one more time. (I’m writing – or rather should be writing – my thesis paper of Pride and Prejudice film adaptations, so I’ve watched the 1995 BBC adaptation countless times and seeing a slightly older Mr. Darcy in an action flick is everything).

Last time I wore a Kingsman themed outfit, this time I went as a cat burgler. Because if you can’t be a spy, be a theif. No actually, we decided to go to the cinema very last minute and I had no time at all to put together an outfit and all-black seemed like an easy option. 

The shoes are an old pair of Zara boots that I used to hate so I DIYed them into ankle boots and from then on, I wear them loads more. They used to be below the knee boots and I really  disliked the fit on my calves (they were weirdly slouchy without meaning to be slouchy) so I hacked them up and kept more of the lining to add some detailing. It actually worked put better than I originally thought it would.

I’ve been wearing them a lot this week. This was taken on the way from work. But back to last night’s cinema outing. 

I wore my only pair of black jeans (DKNY), a knitted black sweater (Gas, Christmas gift from M’s parents), grey tank top underneath (H&M), fake leather jacket (Pull&Bear), my favorite black pashmina and an Iron Fist bag. 

My outfit was comfy, perfect for sitting and eating popcorn and watching people fight on the big screen. Yup. I had a great time (and also had a good hair day. I had put some virgin coconut oil onto the bottom half of my hair and then made a bun for about an hour.)

3 thoughts on “Kingsman Again”

    1. Thank you:) Really? M and I had been twice to a bunch of films (Avengers, Edge of Tomorrow, …) especially if its an action film (which is better on the big screen with surround sound etc)

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