Favorites: Vol. 3

iron fist sailor girl

To start this issue of Favorites let me show you one of my favorite outfits that I’ve ever worn. It symbolizes everything that is Very Veronique:  a crazy print (Iron Fist t-shirt), a dose of a fun bright color (or fun tights in general, these are from Asos, the bag is from Pull&Bear and it’s personalized with a little picture of Dracul on the front), unique shoes (Iron Fist “Filthy Landlubber” wedges). Then add a favorite mini skirt (Zara Woman) and a fake leather jacket (Topshop). I wore this outfit to a lunch date and I have to add that the shoes were getting a lot of attention.

Iron Fist filthy landlubber wedges

Topshop webster wedges

In this volume of Favorites we revisit April 2014. April is always a busy month, with the nicer weather there’s more to do and also so many people have their birthdays in April, it’s madness. Speaking of birthdays, this is what I wore to M’s brother’s birthday dinner.

Topshop Webster wedges

For me these are the perfect pair of wedges. I love the big buckle and I adore the little studs, they remind  me of stars. They’re called “Webster”, which I think is a great name, and are also fairly stable considering the height. Shoes like these are the reason I’m a huge Topshop fan. As for the rest of the outfit, there’s more Topshop involved: Topshop studded belt, Topshop varsity style jacket (I do love a preppy look), Reserved dress and bag, H&M scarf, Dekadene Now earrings.

While we’re on the subject of Topshop, these Mary Jane flats are also really cute. I got them in the winter sale and although I’ve only worn them once, I did enjoy wearing them. I love the different color on the toe – two-toned shoes are another favorite style for me.

Topshop Mary Jane flats

Dracul the pig was also enjoying himself on that particular day. We got some rain afterwards but the beginning of the month was perfectly sunny and warm.  He likes to sun bathe and dig in the ground or eat grass. Well, at least he’s not high maintenance!

Above: weekend shopping outfit, wearing River Island slipper flats and a Asos yellow dress with a Mango jean jacket. And yes, I did just buy that teddy bear, I’m a kid at heart.

Below: weekend sunglasses shopping trip (it was a success) wearing a Topshop jersey pencil skirt, Carole Little knitted vest, Zara sweater, Mango bag with chain link detail and Zara Woman wedges that killed my feet but looked very pretty ( I do love an ankle strap.)

The rest of the photos below: 1) a casual outfit – I was having an off day and needed to lift my spirits by purchasing a new pair of shoes – wearing a favorite H&M trench coat and a pair of Melissa flats; 2) my new iphone case (oh and I also really liked my outfit here though you can’t really see it – Topshop swapped knitted vest, Zara TRF cropped fake leather jacket, Topshop polka dot dress); 3) random pub outing, wearing a bright orange dress (Zara), studded bag and belt (both H&M), studded ankle boots (Topshop “Galaxy” boots); 4) the only pair of shoes that I own two styles of in the same print – Iron Fist “Filth Landlubber” flats. (In case you’re wondering, I find the wedges more comfortable!)

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