Happy Easter!

kate moss bunny girl
One of my favorite photos of Kate Moss. Alice in Wonderland meets Easter.

First of all I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday and if you don’t celebrate (we don’t either, we just go visit family) then at least it’s nice to have the day off, isn’t it? In honor of the Easter bunny and his bright colored friends, I wore a very thematic outfit. Actually, I just have a thing for bright colored clothes…


ImageLet’s talk about this dress for a moment – it’s by Trollied Dolly via Asos. The dress has a bit of a retro feel to it but the print is really what captured my attention. The print is called “Honeybee” and yes, it has little bees all over. I don’t really like bees in real life but in print they’re perfect. Because there’s a bit of yellow to the otherwise blue dress, I decided to pair it with my yellow Asos tights. I knew I wanted to wear my green Zara cardigan and my green H&M satchel bag and then I was wondering which shoes to choose to complete the look. Oh and I also wore my Asos vintage watch and a pair of Asos rabbit earrings.


Karl Lagerfeld for Melissa Ginga Blue Metallic Rainbow Stripe Heeled Shoes

I thought these shoes were a perfect match as there’s blue to go with the dress and then there’s a yellow stripe and a green stripe. So it really went full circle! I don’t think I have to add that I’m a Melissa fan and I love jelly shoes in general, but I must say that I have found these shoes difficult to wear. I have wanted to wear them before but then always changed into something else last minute. I got the shoes via ebay and they’re a UK size 6, but I think I could have used a half a size up (although Melissa doesn’t do half sizes) as I find the toe of the shoe a bit uncomfortable. Also the heel of these shoes is rather heavy! So definitely not a walking shoe. (I’m so glad we went by car!) Anyways, it was a lovely day (with a wonderful lunch, though I did eat way TOO much. Why do grandparents insist on overfeeding their grandkids?) and I was happy to save another pair of shoes.

Karl Lagerfeld Ginga Dove Blue Metallic Rainbow Stripe Heeled Shoes

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