Favorites: Vol.2

budd&meIn today’s issue of Favorites I bring you photos from April 2009.bull terier tattoo

Above: 1) at my parents’ house with my bull terrier pal Buddy. It’s funny looking back at this photo because I no longer have the same instep tattoos  as I got them redone and now there are roses instead. Also at this point in my life I was Miss Peroxide. 2) one of my favorite tatts right after I had gotten it done – I haven’t gotten a new tattoo in almost 4 years and it’s definitely time to get a new one soon.

Below: 1) in my parents’ garden – that’s what I miss the most now that I live in an apartment.  And those were my favorite jeans (Zara). 2) trip to Dublin. 3) skating with a friend (I need to dig up my skates – they’re in storage over at my parents’ house). 4) Carrie Bradshaw and her famous nameplate necklace. I have wanted one for ages and I think I will finally get one over the summer. Fingers crossed. 5) What Was I Thinking? A book about bad relationships and funny breakups. Some stories were perfect, others not so much, but a fun read nonetheless. 6) Buddy Pop Art. He is my muse.

secret garden


skating girl

carrie necklace

what was I thinking

popart buddy

2 thoughts on “Favorites: Vol.2”

    1. Oh wow thanks. I really liked having peroxide blonde hair but the maintenance (always having to color it and the superb annoyance of the visible roots) was such a pain. I prefer the ombre look I have now as I have to take very little care of it:)

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