Blink and you’ll miss it

Blink wedges

It’s no secret that I love interesting shoes. I collect shoes and because I live in a flat that does have limited space, my shoe room is definitely not the biggest (it’s more of a larger shoe closet) and thus when I add shoes to my collection, I make sure that they are different enough to justify being in said collection. I honestly don’t  need another pair of black shoes! I’m still allowing myself to add shoes of various colors and this wine red really spoke to me. If you follow me on instagram, you would have seen these shoes before. They are by Kitten and what makes them special, besides the color (I really don’t have enough red shoes, so for me, the color is special), is their almost heelless wedge heel.


It’s admittedly not as crazy as some heels can be (like that Victoria Beckham heelless pair of boots or the shoes Lady Gaga would wear) but still, there’s something about them. I wore them on Sunday to a family lunch.

I paired them with a swapped jacket that’s almost the exact same color (what can I say, I like matchy-matchy), Topshop belt, Reserved Asia-inspired scuba dress and my good old H&M studded bag. Ohh and those are the car keys in my pocket, hey, with shoes like these there really shouldn’t be a massive amount of walking, trust.

blink red heelless wedges

As for the rest of my styling, well, I had washed my hair the previous night and right before it was completely dry, I just put it in two pigtail braids and that’s how I achieved these slightly beachy and slightly poodle like curls. My make-up was minimal. I also wore two items that I mentioned in this post: the vintage like Asos watch and the Gogo Philip ladybug ring.


6 thoughts on “Blink and you’ll miss it”

  1. wow-za! Those shoes!!
    So it really killed me that you made a poodle hair reference. As a curly girl I feel like I live under constant threat of “Witch Hair” and “The Poodle”

  2. Oh sorry, it’s just for me when the curls start around the ear area it totally reminds me of pooches (but that only happens when the hair itself isn’t naturally curly. I have straight to wavy hair so poodle curls are a threat).

  3. I’ve seen this style around lately. How easy are they to walk in? I can do wedges but not sure about these… They are quite unique. 🙂

    1. They are ok enough to walk in (as long as it’s not going down-hill!) but I found them really uncomfortable in general even though they were perfectly alright both in-store while I was trying them on and then at home while I was just trying them on. But then again it was their first outing outside so maybe they’ll get better with time:)

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