All the little things: Vol.1

very veroniqueI mentioned in my last post that these are one of my all time favorite earrings. I love them so much. They were an impulse purchase ages ago (well that last post was from 2009!) and I still love them as much today as I did when I bought them!I think the reason why I like them so much is because they remind me of dream-catchers. So they have this dreamy magical feel to them, no? Also I love the combination of silver and gold (when it’s done right).

Freedon for Topshop earrings

They were in two of the photos from my last post but I thought I’d show you another photo of when I wore them (on March 21, 2011*). I really liked this outfit, it was indeed very Veronique. It’s funny looking back at these photos, I’ll be the first to admit that I prefer myself as a blonde (and I think blondes do have more fun) but you know what? I sometimes get nostalgic and miss all the other hair colors I’ve tried (and I’ve tried almost all natural looking colors and a few not so natural, you probably will be seeing more of my hair experiments from the past in future posts).

Gluttony at Cestr
Gluttony at Cestr

lined tights via Topshop

*It was the first day of Spring and we were out celebrating our 7 month anniversary at a new restaurant (Cestr Ambiente) that opened in Prague city center. I got to wear my gorgeous Melissa wedges (“Vinyl II”).  And here’s what I wore: Ray-Ban glasses, Freedom for Topshop earrings, Chanel vintage scarf, H&M leopard print coat, Topshop dress, Mango sweater, Topshop tights.

2 thoughts on “All the little things: Vol.1”

    1. Thank you! I’m not sure what suits me better but I’m happy to be blonde for now:) (And I happen to think you suit every color you try on, I love all the colors you have had!)

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