Christmas Countdown

Hey everyone! How is your December so far? Mine seems to be going super fast but otherwise things are good. I cannot wait for Christmas but there is still so much to do (I still need to buy three gifts and then wrap them up, we need to clean the flat for visitors and I want to get rid of some old stuff I know I will never wear/use). And I still need to finish writing my thesis paper! Yikes!


One of my favorite activities no matter what month it is will always be going to the movies. Luckily, M is also a huge film enthusiast so we happily share this hobby. Last week we went to see Krampus (which was a fairy tale/horror movie) and the week before we went to see Bridge of Spies  (starring Tom Hanks). Combined with going to the movies I love eating out at Rancheros, a fast food Mexican restaurant that’s located near our favorite cinema. They have veggie options of all their meals so that makes me very happy indeed. My favorite food there (and pictured above and below) is the vegetarian Mexican burger with nachos (plus the grapefruit Jarritos drink – love it).

This photo is from a different evening, but it’s a close up of the burger so I thought I’d share it here as well. The burger consists of mushed black beans, a veggie mix (different colored peppers plus onions), guacamole, sour cream and nachos all in a heated bun. It is delicious! We always get extra nachos with the medium spicy sauce.

Now back to the first photo, my phone had exactly enough memory space for ONE photo and the (psbloggerchristmas) challenge for that day was no filter, so it was quite a challenge. Luckily M was nice enough to take the photo and I liked how it turned out. I’m hoping to get a new phone for Christmas/ after Christmas because my current phone (iPhone 5c) is a pain in the ass (it never has enough memory and it takes rather blurry photos, especially if there is poor light). I will miss my phone cases though as I have acquired quite a few cute ones during the two years that I have had this phone.

Here you can see my favorite cases, except for the black winged one (which was bought in Zara) all of my cases were bought via Asos. The one I use the most often is the Moschino bunny case, because it is ADORABLE. As you can see I tend to lean towards a kitsch childish vibe with my phone accessories but I’m not sure if I would continue on in this way with my new phone, we’ll see once I have it. I’m off to go to the gym in a bit, so I have to end this post for  now, but I’ll be back later this week with a “favorite films of 2015” post so see you then, xo.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown”

  1. You’re quite organised. I haven’t wrapped a thing yet. I think I’m going to attack it this weekend. I haven’t put my tree up either! 😀 Your phone cases are lovely. the kind of phones I get (LGs, Samsungs) never have nice cases, just boring functional ones.

  2. I’m hopeless this year, haven’t written my cards or wrapped anything. Still have a couple of gifts to get too. It’s hard when you don’t get out to shops though…or at least that’s my excuse. My phone is really old, it looks cool (pink mirror metallic), but it’s a clamshell one, so I can’t get a case for it.. I see so many lovely ones, which I’d need if I ever got an iPhone, because they are quite basic to look at aren’t they?!

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