With Love from Berlin pt.1

with love from berlinOur trip to Berlin lasted 5 days, from Friday morning when we took the train from Prague to Berlin until Tuesday morning, when we once again boarded the train and headed home. The train takes about 4 and a half hours to get from one place to the other so it’s not so bad. After we arrived in Berlin we each purchased a Berlin Welcome card (it serves as a discount card to some attractions and also as a metro card). We then headed to our hotel to drop off our luggage and then went to have a late lunch at this really good falafel restaurant (Dada Falafel), which was right next to our hotel. Next we went to see the Botticelli exhibition at the Gemalde Galerie. Outfit wise, the majority of our vacation I wore these classic Toms in red. Love these shoes!

red toms classic20150925_171120We stopped by the Sony Center and then went shopping. I was pleasantly surprised by the shopping possibilities in Berlin – so many shopping malls and they were HUGE!

IMG_8911posing in front of the berlin wall, arkaden mallHere you can see a part of the Berlin wall that was left standing in front of the Arkaden Mall. I ended up buying this Zara mini shopper bag. I have been wearing it almost non-stop since buying it. I feel like I don’t have enough (functional) handbags – I have a nice collection of mini clutches but for day-to-day use they aren’t really practical! Post shopping we went to an Italian restaurant for dinner and then went to sleep. I always have trouble sleeping the first couple of days because I’m not used to the hotel and I have to be used to the place in order to sleep well, basically I get my first night of good sleep either on the last day of our vacation or when we get home! It sucks but it’s the price to pay for going on holiday (I wish I could take my flat with me on holiday – to have my bed and my closet available and of course I miss my pet bunny…)

zara mini shopper handbagzara handbagDay Two – Saturday – started especially well with a delicious breakfast at Princess Cheesecake – M and I shared a NYC cheesecake (with a caramel topping) and I had pancakes. We continued on this tradition for the remainder of our vacation, though we always first when for a salty breakfast (two eggs and toast) and then for coffee and cheesecakes. OMG we ate so much during our vacation you wouldn’t believe it!

IMG_8928IMG_8933We then took a four our boat trip and M tried out lemonade beer (beer with sweet syrup). It actually wasn’t bad, we shared it and I probably liked it more than M did as I have a massive sweet tooth.

IMG_8934IMG_8936IMG_8945We then went shopping again, this time for M to find some new things. We went to the Alexa shopping mall and then to Kaufhof Galerie. He bought a smart sweater and two pairs of pants. It’s really hard for him to find pants that are the right length as he is a giant and usually everything is short (btw is all men’s fashion so expensive? I mean, M bought three things but spent more money than I did but I bought loads more during our vacation- the aforementioned Zara handbag, a Parfois handbag, pair of earrings, pair of trousers, then three dresses, a sweater, a pair of tights, a set of PJ’s, a sport’s bra, three bra and panties sets and a cute umbrella.) It also takes him ages – this is me being bored out of my mind and thus taking selfies as a form of amusement. And then there’s a product photo of my new earrings and the other new handbag.

IMG_8953parfois earringsParfois snake flaps cross bagParfois bagWe ended the day with a lovely dinner (after leaving our shopping at the hotel and a quick change of clothes for me) – I had the most amazingly good tomato soup with coconut milk, my goodness, this was a delicious soup! And then I had spicy vegetables with garlic bread.

IMG_8954IMG_8957IMG_8958I’ll be back tomorrow with the rest of our Berlin adventures. Hope you enjoyed this post and see you soon!

5 thoughts on “With Love from Berlin pt.1”

  1. I have always wanted to go to Berlin, how fun! Looks like such a wonderful time you guys had. I always enjoy reading your travel posts, and it’s great to see all your outfits/vacation buys. đŸ™‚

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