Berlin continued: Sunday adventures

IMG_8963Sunday in Berlin began once again with a lovely breakfast – first we stopped by Keyser Söze and then we went to Princess Cheesecake – and believe me when I say I truly miss those cheesecakes, they were divine. (Btw, as far as the outfit is concerned: I wore my new trousers, new Zara bag, new Sisley sweater and my trusty old flat brogue boots from Stradivarius.)

IMG_8964After our delicious breakfast, M and I headed to Charlottenburg and then we went to two museums to see a Picasso exhibition and a surrealism exhibition, both were quite lovely.

IMG_8971IMG_8973IMG_8977IMG_898620150927_133435We had lunch at Dada Falafel (yummy) and went to our hotel to change, I wore a new dress (can’t recall the brand but it was Italian and I’m too angry to go look – the dress has buttons down the front up to the waist and the buttons kept on opening! It was horrible. It would have been fine if I had worn a tank top underneath but I hadn’t so it was really annoying but luckily I had a scarf as I had my sweater unbuttoned due to it being quite warm at the museum) and then we went to Hamburger Bahnhof and then to the Museum fur Gegenwart.

IMG_8999IMG_9008IMG_9010I have to say this was my absolute least favorite museum and the art on display was VERY disappointing. There was hardly any art worth seeing, for example one whole part of the museum was dedicated to blue walls with little speakers buzzing and positioned in from of the walls. I found this entire museum seriously annoying. The only fun part was there was an art piece / swing / giant beads thing that I got to swing on. I’m a big fan of swings.

this is art

IMG_9032Anyways, we headed back to our hotel (I had wanted to stay at the hotel and rest since I was fairly tired but M made me go with him to this horrid place so I complained the whole way back to the hotel. Hey, he deserved it.) Below you can see one of the only paintings that I liked (from Andy Warhol Do It Yourself.) Then we went to a German pub for dinner, the best part of that was the beer really. Being a vegetarian there weren’t many things I could eat in a German pub (I had a veggie schnitzel with a potato salad.)

andy warhol do it yourselfStay tuned for the last of Berlin, which will hopefully be posted soon 🙂

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