Last Days of Berlin (pt.3)

IMG_9049I think the thing I’ll miss most about our Berlin holiday is the food. I mean starting every day with a delicious breakfast is AMAZING, especially when this delicious breakfast involves cheesecake. This was our desert on Monday (we first went to Keyser Söze for eggs and toast and then to Princess Cheesecake for breakfast dessert. Is breakfast dessert a thing? Well, I’m making it a thing because it is an amazingly good way to start the day! Yay sugar!

IMG_9048The last time I blogged (which was ages ago, sorry) I posted about Sunday and how we went to a pub for dinner, below is what I wore. The photo is strange and was taken in the hallway of our hotel, I realize looking at most of my outfit photos, I actually suck at taking outfit photos. To add salt to the wound, my phone (which is what I use to take these amazingly bad outfit photos) is currently on strike and I’m not quite sure what I’ll do until I get a new phone. You will have to bear with me!

IMG_9042Now back to Monday’s activities: after breakfast we went to Tiergarten, we walked around the gardens for a while and then we went to see the Siegessaule (Victory Tower), which is quite lovely. We walked up the stairs and enjoyed the view. It was an absolutely lovely day, the warmest of our Berlin stay.

IMG_9050IMG_9058 IMG_9070IMG_9071We spent half the day walking around and enjoying the gardens, we also made a new friend – the most playful squirrel ever.

IMG_9078 IMG_9079 IMG_9080 IMG_9098It kept touching my phone! Such a friendly little animal (yes, I wanted to keep it, but  I don’t have a garden so we had to say goodbye eventually.) Anyways, after this friendly encounter, we walked by Bellavue, along the river to Reichstag and then to the Brandenburg Gate.

20150928_12390620150928_130904IMG_9109IMG_9105IMG_9113 IMG_9114We walked along Unter den Linden and then we went to the Television Tower to have lunch and enjoy the view.

IMG_9116 IMG_9118 IMG_913220150928_152909Then M and I went to a whisky store (because M is obsessed with whisky), afterwards we went to the Berlin Mall (which was rather disappointing for me, there were no book shops!) so then we went to KaDeWe mall and luckily there was a book store there, so I could buy a few books. After book shopping we met up with one of M’s clients and his boyfriend and had a lovely dinner. Tuesday we just backed our things (so many things!!), went to have breakfast (without the cheesecakes though, because they don’t open until 10) and then we went to the main station and took our train back to Prague. We had a happy reunion with Miss Bunny and a nice lazy afternoon. Well, I had a nice lazy afternoon, M had to work.


3 thoughts on “Last Days of Berlin (pt.3)”

  1. There are so many good things in this post. Cheesecake for breakfast? Oh man, I would kill for some right now – lady time! :/ The squirrel is soooooo cute, and that photo of you in the stripey shirt is so beautiful! You’re so beautiful! Convert that photo to black & white and you’d look like a 50s star off duty. And that tower is so lovely too.

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