IMG_8516Hello everyone. I’m back! In Prague and on this blog… Tuesday afternoon M and I returned from our Berlin vacation, which was absolutely lovely btw. I’ll be sharing photos from our trip in the next post. I’ve been super busy since our return, what with all the work that had been left behind. Also I had to stop by uni and register for next semester. I won’t have any classes as I have all my exams finished well except for the finals, so it should be a good semester for me (more time!) but then again, I’ll have more work in the lab. Okay, now on to my outfit.

You may remember this Kate Moss for Topshop dress from my what I bought in London post. And I’ve worn the dress before for our night out with M’s cousin.

As you can see last time I wore it with black Birkenstock-esque sandals and my fave Iron Fist bag but this time I went with brown accessories. One of my favorite pairs of sandals, these are four years old or maybe older and they are from Pull & Bear. My bag is from Mango and it was super cheap, I bought it in the sales and have been wearing it quite a lot as it can hold a lot of things. Although to be honest, the bag looks much worse now after all of my abuse! It has a jean stain on one side (hate when that happens) but at least it has been worn loads and I still wear it, so whatever.

IMG_8510This outfit was from an absolutely lovely weekend day, M and I went food shopping to the local market place and then we took a boat across the river and then had a break at this small outdoor kiosk before heading back home.

IMG_8514I love days like this when everything is calm and carefree. Berlin felt a lot like that but that has perhaps more to do with being on vacation than the actual place. I have to say, I absolutely loved Berlin and hope to visit again. Now only to make life in Prague just as wonderful.

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