Where did summer go?

IMG_8546Sorry for being such a bad blogger but it seems that there never is enough time (yet strangely there IS time for reading large amounts of fan fiction regarding a particular pair that I ship, but each to their own). I have a stupid exam next week, one which I am in no way prepared for (typical) and so I should be spending all of my time studying. However, given that I have ignored this blog for way too long, I back with an Outfit August post.

OUTFIT AUGUSTmelissa mel tangerine bow blackThis basically sums up my summer uniform: a pair of Melissa shoes, most likely flats (I haven’t been wearing heels much this year and darn my luck, when I HAVE worn heels, I didn’t take photos), a dress or skirt and then a jacket, most likely in denim. I have been LOVING denim jackets lately. I can’t get enough of them. I bought three during the summer sales in Mango (two which are basically identical but whatever, you can never have too much of what you love). My favorite of the Mango jackets is this one (you can almost not tell it apart from the other dark blue one but one is slightly distressed) which you will definitely be seeing in a post soon to come (though it might be after the exam, which is next week, wish me luck!!) but it’s obviously not the one I’m wear here.

mango denim jacketThe one I am actually wearing here is from Asos and I bought it a year ago. I also bought the matching skirt and crop top that you can see in the photo below, I have worn the skirt (but I kind of hate it as it keeps riding up and it’s short to being with so definitely not something that I like wearing) but I’ve never worn the crop top before. The item from this trio that gets worn the most is obviously the jacket.

asos denim cropped jacketasos denim lader jacketI even like the ladder detailing which is rather nice on the jacket but quite hideous on the skirt (when I wore the skirt once, I wore a longer top to cover some of the detailing up, yuck.) Anyways, along with the denim jacket a wore a super old Topshop dress, which has quite a lovely cat print going on. It is strapless but luckily fitted enough that I don’t have to worry about it falling off me. And I wore a purse from Mango. I wore this outfit when we went to the cinema to go see the film “Trainwreck”. The movie wasn’t bad but I expected it to be a bit better actually. I liked the beginning and I liked the characters but I feel like it was missing something. Anyways, I hope you liked my outfit and though I have a few more outfits photographed to show you, I’m not entirely sure when I will post them, if it will be before or after my exam.


One thought on “Where did summer go?”

  1. Cute kitty print. I noticed asos had a couple of ‘winter’ denim jackets just in, kinda Brokeback Mountain style with cosy collars!!

    I don’t know where the time goes and I have no life, makes me wonder how others manage!

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