Mad Max: Furry Road

IMG_7386Last week on Thursday M and I went to see the Mad Max: Fury Road film and we both loved it. It was predictably action packed, which is what we were hoping for, and Charlize Theron is so good in it (so is Tom Hardy, but I really feel the film is all about Furiosa, such a great character btw). I’m pretty sure we’re going to go see it again as it’s one of those films that are better on the big screen. I wore my Stradivarius studded flat ankle boots, because I felt that they were suitable for this film. I love dressing according to the movies we are about to go see. You know, theoretically, if I were to appear in the movie, I wouldn’t want to be wearing heels.stradivarius Flat leather ankle boots with studsI wasn’t in a pants mood, even though wearing pants would have fit the movie better, however a little black dress is always a good option in my book. I wore my favorite belt (super old, from Topshop), my trusty Stradivarius studded bag (also super old) and last but not least a newer addition to my wardrobe, this Zara knit fake fur vest. I bought it in the sales after Christmas (so not that new, but haven’t worn it previously). My absolutely favorite thing about it is that it has pockets! Yay!

zara knit fake fur vestIMG_7379I don’t actually put anything in the pockets but I always like having the option to do so. Pockets are awesome. I also wore a mix of bangles because I’m being better with accessorizing. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this outfit post and see you soon.

5 thoughts on “Mad Max: Furry Road”

  1. I’m not to keen on Tom Hardy, but I looove Charlize. I read recently that male rights activists are angry about her role and how kick-ass she is, as it should be a male lead with the best bits and lines! Wow, now they know how women feel ALL the time! I still haven’t seen Home either…will get it on DVD when it comes out as it looks good.

    1. Charlize is one of my favorite actresses, I like Hardy in some films, I wouldn’t call him a favorite actor though. Her role was so good in this movie! And it did feel like he was kind of a supporting role to hers so I don’t think it’s male rights activists but rather people who wanted Mad Max to be in the lead, because they went to see that kind of film. Anyways I absolutely loved it. :))

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