Tomorrow is Today

IMG_2262So here I am on this absolutely beautiful sunny day writing this post that will appear tomorrow about what I wore over the weekend while it was perpetually raining and now it’s lovely out and I’m stuck indoors while I’m getting ready for my exam which is tomorrow. Why does it always have to rain during the weekend?

When it’s raining out I like to wear little bright dresses. I figure a beautiful day doesn’t need any “uplifting” but a dull grey rainy one needs all the bright and happy that it can get. Plus I just love this dress. It’s from Zara and it has pockets. Everyone loves pockets. Besides pockets it has a lovely shape and the back is quite interesting as well:

little orange dressWorn on the 22nd of February in 2012 – anniversary dinner (that marked a year and a half with M)

casual in orange dressThe dress also has a key role in one of my favorite outfit photos of all time (April 2013):  this look is so “me”:  short fun dress, fake leather jacket, something studded (bag and headband), a book (this one was “Nightmare” from Lars Kepler, I usually always carry a book around with me) and a fun pair of shoes (one of my favorite pairs, Vagabond bondage wedges).

photo 2Rocketdog wedges bought in London in March 2011

Speaking of favorite shoes, these are definitely one of my faves too. They are amazingly comfortable and I love the hint of tribal they have going on. So yeah, I love these shoes. I bought them back in 2011 (I had to add the photo below from our 2011 London trip because that’s the biggest shopping haul I’ve ever done and I love that photo.)

chalk farm
Our London trip was all about the shopping. It was fantastic!

And while we’re bringing up photos from the past, here’s how I wore these shoes back in 2011:

rocketdog wedges, retro stylingI think this old outfit works much better than the one I wore this weekend, because these shoes don’t really work that well with tights (it was too cold over the weekend to go without tights) and I also think these shoes look better with a more casual outfit, a pair of skinny jeans. I  might actually steal this outfit from myself and create a similar look the next time I wear these shoes. It’s funny when you get inspired from yourself but hey, that’s one of the perks of blogging. Plus it’s way more fun than studying. See you soon.

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