The Bill Bailey Show

rock chick style, leather jacket, henry holland stirup pretty polly tights, studded accessoriesLast Monday M and I went to see Bill Bailey and it was an absolutely great show. We’ve been fans of Black Books for years and have also seen lots of his available material online, so it was such a joy to actually see him live. Not to mention that in the midst of study hell, it was a very welcome break! I had another test to study for (that was written this Wednesday, I don’t know how it turned out yet but I think I did okay).  Now I’m working on my thesis and that’s a whole other story. Guys, I have until Sunday and I’m pretty screwed but I’m trying my best (that’s also why I skipped yesterday’s post.) Then I have a bunch of other exams but back to Monday and the cute little outfit I wore…

Geox studded ballerina flats
Geox studded ballerina flats

These are the shoes I chose to wear – they were one of the first gifts I  ever got from M (right at the beginning, about a month or two after we started dating, he went on a trip to Paris and he asked me what I wanted for him to  bring me  back and as a joke I said “a pair of shoes” and the sweetheart actually  got me a pair of shoes. What was a really happy surprise was that they’re actually shoes that I really love and style wise would have bought myself. Win-win.)

Anyways, as the caption says, they’re Geox shoes and thus super comfy. I was going to wear heels but then I just wasn’t in the mood.  I wanted something that was both tough and sweet and that would go  with the outfit I had in mind. I’ve had these shoes for about four years and I only found one outfit photo where I have them on (but in all honesty I didn’t look that hard):

April 2012

Though I still like how these shoes look with pink (and I need to find that shredded Zara tank top and wear it underneath this pink Asos dress  again), I like my recent outfit much better. (Yay!) I love that the outfit was relatively simple but also had loads of interesting details going on.Henry Holland stirup pretty polly tiights fake suspender tights

The tights for one thing, I love those  tights (Henry Holland for Pretty Polly). The dress is from H&M and is a basic thick jersey dress with large pleats and 3/4 sleeves (super comfy), you all know I love this fake leather jacket from Zara (if I had to pick one jacket it’d be this one), the studded bag is from Stradivarius (I think), the red scarf was borrowed from M and I also wore black ribbon hair bows to play up the girlishness of the look. photo 5(1)

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