rainy day fashion

Saturday M‘s mom had a birthday dinner over at Bruxx and it was a great evening. The food over there is superb (for the main meal I had a rucola – dandelion – shrimp salad, it was amazing. I had never tried eating dandelions before so it was interesting as well) and their beer selection is pretty awesome. I mentioned in the previous post, I had two beers – one was peach flavored and was the best ever and the other one was raspberry, which was also good but not as good as the peach one.

I think picking out what to wear was the hardest part haha. It was raining quite heavily and we went by tram there (we took a taxi back) so¬† I didn’t want to wear the most unwalkable pair of shoes. I also didn’t want to wear Melissa shoes, because even though I love them, I was feeling like that’s all I’ve been wearing lately, well shoe wise. You know what I mean. So in the end after thinking of a few alternatives, I settled on these wedges:

asos phoebe platform metallic mary jane wedgesAsos “Phoebe” platform metallic Mary Jane wedges

These shoes are massive with a 12 cm heel but they have a 3cm platform so they are okay enough to walk in. I love ankle straps and Mary Jane shoes and I think the silver color of the upper is really nice too. I also like the cut-out detail on the wedge heel. I think it makes the shoes a little more interesting. They have a bit of a retro vibe, which I’m loving at the moment. This was the first time I had them on (even though I bought them like two years ago) and I must say, I was really comfortable in them and felt great. As for my outfit I wore a LBD and a black cardigan (it was chilly) and my fave trench coat of the moment (F&F).

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