All the little things

photograph by  jean francois jonvelle
When I’ll be doing after my exams are finished

The results of Friday’s exams have been posted this morning (and yes, I had been checking all weekend) and truth be told, I was terrified of what the results would be. I had the worst feeling about the exam because I had a really crap day Friday. But luckily I passed and I am very very grateful. One down, three to go.

My life at the moment is a mixture of tiny highs (very tiny, literally the little things in life are keeping me going) and great big lows (with regards to school and work, I’m a wreck). I trying to keep face and think positive but it can be hard. School life is just so overwhelming at the moment and worst of it is, it’s all my fault. I should have prepared better, started writing my thesis sooner, studied harder, you name it. But in this turmoil of depression, there are the little  things in life that still are great. I originally wanted to name my blog “All the little things” to keep in mind that life can be so beautiful, if you just stop to notice and admire those little things. So today’s post is dedicated to those things that are helping me get by when life is being really exceptionally tough:

pet piglet with donkey from Pooh bear1. Mr. Pig

We don’t always see eye to eye and on some days I wish I hadn’t gotten him, pigs can be very difficult, but at the end of the day, he’s a good pig and I love him with all my heart. I also love looking back at photos when he was a wee piglet because he really was super adorable,  but he’s still adorable now – Dracul has the cutest pig face even as an adult pig. When I get too stressed I go walk my pig and it helps me chill out a bit. Clearing my head, taking in the fresh air. You know, not being in my pajamas all day. I think if I didn’t have Dracul to walk twice a day I’d turn into a crazy person. So he’s one of the things I’m thankful for.

collage2. Small Breaks and Family

My social life is on stand-by right now (I miss it dearly) but during this weekend we did have two family dinners to attend and it was nice to go out (Friday night wasn’t the best, I shouldn’t have forced it, but I’m still glad I got to see my fam and Lyon friends) and be surrounded by people we love.  And it was super fun on Saturday to experiment and drink all those Belgian beers (I had a Peach flavored beer, delish! and a Raspberry one). M gets a special mention because he has been great these past few days when all I want to do is mope around the flat and feel sorry for myself. (Though I did expect him to be more happy for me when I found out this morning that I did pass my exam, all he said was something along the lines “don’t you have like three more?”. Geez. But otherwise he’s been the best.)

elizabeth and darcy comic3. Pride & Prejudice

(The photo is of the cover art of the Marvel comic book adaptation, sadly, the inside of the book looks nothing like the cover.)

If nothing else, I’m thankful that my thesis is about a book I love. Now, that also has its down side – reading numerous modern criticisms about it can be daunting. I occasionally feel like I’m going to start hating P&P but then I take a deep breath and realize nothing nobody else writes is Jane Austen’s fault and people seriously over analyze this book. It’s interesting reading different opinions but for me, even with all  the ironies and all the social criticism, it’s still such a lovely story. Whatever, I’m a hopeless romantic.

4. All the little things

It’s been raining and horrible the past few days but today the sun decided to come out. Sunshine makes everything  better:) Then there are a million little things I’m thankful for. Having enough to eat, living in a nice place, living in Prague, not living in the time of Pride and Prejudice when all women could do with their lives was get married, being healthy, not having my next exam until Wednesday so that means I can go see Bill Bailey’s show this evening because M got us tickets (hey, whatever, I want to see this show and if my exam was already tomorrow it’d have made me all nervous and one more day can make a great big difference.) Anyways, I’m going to go write one or two posts in advance as I know I won’t have time tomorrow and on Wednesday. And you know what, this blog is also on my happy list. Thanks for being a part of it and see you soon. Mwah!

2 thoughts on “All the little things”

  1. Lovely things and well done on your exam!! I was going to write things like this on little notes and keep them in a jar and open it when I was feeling bad and read all the good things. I haven’t done it yet…but although in many ways I am blessed, my health has suffered so much this year that any kind of ‘living’ has been virtually impossible, so it’s difficult to see the sunny side of that. In saying that, I’m very lucky that mentally I’ve stayed well during it. Not leaving the house for over 3 months would really mess with some people.

    1. I admire you for not giving up and still being so positive about things. I hope the rest of this year just gets better and better health wise. I miss your outfit posts but I’m glad your doing an occasional blog post:)) Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment on my blog:) oh and I like your idea with the little notes in a jar:)

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