Not the Best Choice


On Friday I wasn’t feeling my best, I had a tough day and was a bit feverish, I hadn’t slept well with the exam of questionable results, let’s just say that I deserved a rest.

Instead of going to sleep and calling it a day, I tried to write some of my thesis (I wrote like one sentence, I suck) and then in the evening, when I really should have stayed at home and just gone to bed, I went to a family dinner. My parents’ friends from Lyon were visiting and so we all went to a pub. The company was really great, the food was okay, but in all honesty, going out wasn’t the best choice. After M and I got home I hightailed it to the bathroom to throw up. Yeah, not the best of times. Today hasn’t been much better and we have another family event to go to. Ugh, I love our families but seriously, I just want to not do anything today.

mel lime shine red

While going out wasn’t a good idea, at least I chose to wear some sensible footwear.  I know, it’s another pair of Melissa shoes, but in my defense, it’s raining here all the time and I just plain love Melissa shoes. Anyways, these are the Lime Shines in red. For a pub visit I chose to go very casual – my new F&F trench coat (love it!) and a pair of jeans for H&M. I used to think only Zara jeans fit me (length issues) but I’ve been branching out (these were cheap). My bag was thrifted, it has this really cute horse print on the inside.

coral red trench coat F&F I said I’d wear these shoes to my uni exam and I did, but with a dress. I wore the same trench coat, because it’s completely perfect and because it matches the shoes quite well. I forgot to take an outfit photo but I did manage to snap the photo below haha. I had no make up on and my expression was too tired so I’m hiding behind my piggy iphone case. I wanted to show you guys that the shape of the trench coat can be really exaggerated and lovely when worn with a dress or skirt. That’s all for today,  hope  you all have a lovely weekend.

photo 1b

4 thoughts on “Not the Best Choice”

  1. Take care of yourself, I know it’s so easy to get caught up and to want to do something other than exams and work, but you know my story and how I pushed myself too far. I’m not saying it happens to everyone, but try and rest when you can. I know it’s not easy x

    1. Thank you:) After the exams and thesis writing I was so drained I had to take a longish break from it and just do other stuff, I was exhausted. Now I’m slowly preparing for my next exam and should be doing some writing…

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