Red Shoe Week Continued

bunny girlThe first of May is a state holiday in the Czech Republic – it’s lovely to get the day off and in honor of that, today was incredibly lazy and relaxed. We got up late, went on a longer walk with Mr. Pig, then we were deciding what to do with the rest of the day – go to the Zoo and stop by the Indian food place for lunch, go to the nearby pub and have a typical weekend style day or go to town and visit a new restaurant, Bruxx. We went to town.

iron fist queen of hearts

The day seemed to be absolutely lovely – it was sunny and warm when we were out with Dracul, but then things got a bit dramatic on the way to the restaurant. It started to crazy rain and I was a bit worried about ruining my shoes! Luckily it stopped just as we were about to leave the tram. What a relief!

commuting in styleIn honor of Red Shoe WeekI knew I wanted to wear another pair of red shoes, deciding which pair and what to wear with was more difficult as I knew we’d be taking two trams and the place we were going to for lunch isn’t the closest. Oh by the way, the restaurant was great, I would definitely recommend it. But back to what I was wearing, I first chose the shoes:

iron fist red queen of hearts
Iron Fist “Queen of Hearts” wedges

These shoes are by Iron Fist and they are so adorable with the little cut-out hearts all over. I love their vibrant red color and they are also incredibly comfortable. Almost like sneaker wedges but not as sporty or well sneakery. The only problem with them is that they have very long laces and I have quite narrow feet, to solve this I just tie them twice, first a normal knot and then another knot made from the first knot. Whatever, it worked. I really like wearing these shoes but I couldn’t find a photo of myself wearing them in the past, oh well, at least now I have one.

I knew I wanted to wear something that would complement the shoes but still would be fun. I went with my Asos red dress, an older bunny sweater also from Asos, and finally my New Look bag. You’ve probably seen enough of this bag by now by I think  it goes with almost everything and it’s so fun to wear. And as for the sweater, I love it but it can be a bit of a challenge to wear it but I thought it worked out quite well with the shoes and the dress.

photo 4(3)

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