The Case of the Butterfly

walking the pig In a previous post I mentioned that I have the Mel by Melissa butterfly detail thong sandals as well as the open toed flats version.  And well because it’s still technically red shoe week, I decided to wear them yesterday while I was out with Mr. Pig.


These sandals are cute and easy to wear. I love the butterfly and red is one of my favorite colors, especially if it’s a bright red. As you can see from the photos, Dracul was equally impressed by them as I was. Actually, I think he was after the butterfly,  but he got bored pretty soon and then we continued our walk in a regular fashion.


And because red shoe week is at an end, I’ll mentioned two other pairs of red flats: the first is a pair of fold-up “rescue” flats from H&M, I love how they sparkle and that you can fold them over and thus they take up less room in your handbag and you can take them along for a night out. I love the idea of these shoes and am surprised I don’t have more pairs (these are my only pair) – I will definitely try to get more this summer. The photo was taken at the Prague Zoo. The next pair is from Zara TRF and I love how they look but as shoes go, these aren’t the most comfortable. I think I’ve gotten more blisters from these shoes than from all of my heels  combined. So I just keep them if I’m only stopping by the store next door or for other really short trips. Over time they have become more comfortable and more wearable, but I still don’t trust them enough for a longer outing!

H&M sparkle flats shoe save zara

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