If it rains…

rainy dayTraditionally Spring is very rainy in Prague, we do have the once-in-a-while sunny day but mainly its the grey dull days promising rain. Usually the rain showers are short but when it rains, it pours. Not only that but it gets quite cold as well. So what to wear in Spring in Prague?

mel lime shine II

I have a fool proof formula: trench coat + colorful scarf + Melissa shoes. And then you can just basically add on whatever clothes and accessories you’re in the mood for.

The Trench coat (mine is H&M) is not only chic but it also has the practicality of protecting you from the elements. But for me its biggest asset is that it literally goes with everything and anything. You can pair it with jeans, you can pair it with dresses, you can basically do whatever. Of course it does depend on the particular trench coat in question, but I do believe that most of them are very versatile. I think a basic camel colored one will take you a long way.

The scarf (this one is my boyfriend’s) is a style staple for me. I love that scarves can really liven up an outfit and  yet again, they are very practical. Especially in Spring when the weather is so unpredictable and one moment it’s sunny and warm and then the next things are completely different, it’s good to have a scarf as you can simply take it off or put it on according to the current temperature.

The shoes – I hate the idea of getting my  shoes ruined by the rain so Melissa shoes are the safest bet this time of year. And I’d love them, even if there was no threat of rain. Melissa is one of my favorite brands of shoes, if not the favorite. So it won’t surprise you that I’m thinking of doing a Melissa shoe week. It’s supposed to rain all week anyways so I think that’ll work quite well.

Now these shoes in particular are a pair of black and white monochrome lace-up flats and you have the choice of either white or black laces (or well both, I guess). I love these shoes. They’re called “Lime Shine” and they are very casual. You probably know all about my love of black and white by now, so I won’t go on and on about it. They are also quite “breathable” as they feature little holes all over the shoe.

mel lime shine II
Mel for Melissa “Lime Shine II”

I mentioned wearing these shoes in a previous post – these are the shoes I wore on Monday to stop by the post office and go food shopping. I originally thought I would pair these with jeans and keep to a very casual outfit, but then I thought, why not mix things up a bit? So I chose a dress I haven’t worn in ages, it’s a pleather dress from H&M. I didn’t like how the dress looked with a cardigan over it so instead I wore a long sleeved tee (Stradivarius) under the dress and to keep the black-and -white theme going, I added my Asos cats belt. Oh and I wore my new thrifted cross body bag because it matches the scarf.

pleather perfect


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