A Week of Red Shoes

4 pairs of red shoes

Okay, so it’s not a full week, but I was so excited about it that I couldn’t wait to show you the new feature on this blog. Once in a while I’ll do a week of specific shoes: red shoes, green shoes, Melissa shoes, you get the idea. Anything that there’s enough of in my collection to wear for one week straight without repeating shoes. Though obviously I cheated here – not only is this not a full week but I did wear other pairs of shoes as well. I’ll get to that in a moment. But first, let’s take a look at the shoes:

Irregular Choice endless possibilities1. Irregular Choice polka dot sandals – Tuesday errands

These sandals are super weird – they have a bit of a kitten heel going on (which I usually am not much of a fan of but I over looked it here because of the overall cuteness) and then there’s this huge wrap that is polka dotted and covers a red leather sandal (which you can’t see). What I really love about them is that you can wrap them and tie them in many ways – one way is like I did this week with circling my ankle and I think this looked pretty neat with my cropped trousers – or like I did in the photo below, where I just tied a big bow in the back.


The photo is from ages ago (September 2011) and it was taken in the messy old flat where we used to live. Never mind about the background, what I really wanted to show you is that there really are more ways to tie the shoe and I also quite liked the kitsch styling in the look from the past. Plus I thought these sandals totally deserved an outfit photo.

at the old flat

melissa butterfly flats2. Melissa butterfly open toe flats – Sunday pig walk

I love these shoes, they are bright and fun and a bit different thanks to  that lovely butterfly. I also own the thong sandal version of these shoes (also in red).  It’s no secret that I love jelly shoes (mostly because they can be easily cleaned and well, I do have a pet pig and all). And I love flat shoes that have character and that make outfits as interesting as heels do, these totally fit the bill. Sadly, I couldn’t find an outfit photo of me wearing these. But I know I’ll definitely be wearing them a lot this summer so I’ll be sure to take more photos next time.

bershka red open toe court heels3. Bershka open toe court heels – Monday luncheon

I bought these shoes in January 2011 in a post Christmas sale. They have a reasonable heel and a really lovely shape. What I especially like is the slightly bigger open toe.

bershka red

I didn’t take an outfit photo (yet again, I know) but I did  manage to find an outfit photo from September 2011. (I’m guessing September 2011 was a bit like March 2014 – shoeful – good for wearing shoes and taking outfit photos.) It’s funny – that skirt is still one of my favorites.

I Love My Boy

bershka red wedges 4. Bershka shiny red wedges with a round toe – Wednesday dinner date

Another one of my oldies – I have no idea when I bought these, but it was a long long time ago. They were one of the first heels, well wedges, that I ever bought I think. Not the first but in the top thirty for sure. I love how shiny they are! I don’t wear them nearly enough but they have a sensible heel height and are very comfortable. I think I just sometimes forget that I have them. I was glad that I wore them this week and I think they look super cute with my polka dot jeans (Zara). I’m living for polka dots at the moment, in case you haven’t noticed!

For further proof I’m adding a photo of what I wore  to my uni class this morning – I will mention the shoes, they’re by Zara Woman and yes, they aren’t red. But I did say I was wearing different shoes in the mean time. I don’t like restrictions and if I would have challenged myself and been all like “I can ONLY wear red shoes this week” I knew that I would hate it and it would take all the fun out of this feature. Instead, I decided to try to wear red shoes often enough so there would be a legitimate post but without the restrictions. For instance, on Monday I wore yet another different pair of shoes for a late afternoon outing (post office and food shopping trip), which I’ll share with you soon. a bit retro

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