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I don’t usually rave about TV shows but when I fall in love, I fall hard and I have been seriously crushing on the show iZombie. The protagonist, Dr. Liv Moore, is a zombie working at the morgue with her friend/boss Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti and solving murders alongside detective Clive Babineaux.


In order to survive (and not to turn into a crazy mindless zombie) Liv has to eat brains every once in a while, and by doing so she also gets part of the people’s memories, abilities and character traits.

It is so entertaining to watch her change in every episode and you never know what to expect. Also, all the supporting characters are great. Her boss and close friend Ravi is my favorite, they have such a cute friendship together and it’s nice to see a male female friendship, where there are no sexual undertones and they’re really just great friends. Ravi knows about Liv being a zombie (right from episode one) and is trying to help her by trying to find a zombie cure. I also really like her professional relationship with Clive, who actually thinks that Liv is a psychic. They have a great dynamic.


Then there’s her ex-fiance Major Lilywhite, who used to be a social worker but now is a trainer and also a zombie hunter (long story).

izombie zombie bro

While most people ship Liv and Major getting back together I was definitely a Lowell Tracey fan, who played a zombie musician in the first season, sadly they killed him off so he’s no longer a part of the show. It was also a great misfortune that they were together only very shortly (because they were so cute together!)

liv and lowell


Liv’s newest boyfriend is Drake, who is also a zombie and an undercover cop that has infiltrated into the ranks of the evil Mr. Boss. I’m really rooting for Liv and Drake! (And REALLY hoping that they don’t kill him off as they did Lowell. I’d rather they kill Major, sorry Major but I just don’t like you that much.) Also, Greg Finley, who portrays Drake, is hot. So totally hot. Considering I only want what’s best for Liv, I really hope they work out.

izombie liv and drake

liv and drake

Liv also has a lovely best friend Peyton Charles, who works as an assistant district attorney for the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Peyton once dated Ravi, but she left after learning that Liv is a zombie. However, she has returned and they’ve patched things up.

peyton charles and liv moore

Another important character that I have to mention is Blaine. He’s sort of the villain of the show but he’s also a really likable character because he has great lines and he’s very funny. He’s the one who turned Liv into a zombie and he’s less of a bad guy this season than he was in season one. I actually quite disliked him the first season but he’s grown on me and I’m actually rooting for him now.

izombie liv and Blaine

My favorite thing about the show, well besides the great actors, is the humor. There are so many good puns and pop culture references, plus it feels very modern. And it kind of reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a show that I very much loved (until they ruined it for me with the final season). Also I used to have hair very much like zombie Liv’s and since I’m very pale I can really relate to her overall look. (I almost feel like they stole the look from me except for my fringe).

very veronique blondielucky hazzard

It’s crazy that I haven’t blogged in a month but I’ve been watching a lot of iZombie. Repeatedly. Yeah, priorities. Now that I’m desperately waiting for the newest episode (number 15 of season two, which will be out sometime in March) I’ve got a little bit more time for blogging. Let me know if you like this show or haven’t even heard of it and what you like to watch in the comments, see you soon with an outfit post, xo.


2 thoughts on “Currently Watching”

  1. I’ve never even heard of it. Not sure it’s my thing…I watch quite a lot of violent things, but eating body parts, brains or whatever is something I really struggle to get my head around and watch. I also love seeing a male/female non romantic relationship. It’s rare TV let it happen though!

    1. I know! Why is that such a rare occurrence for male/female friendships in TV and film? (I hope they don’t ruin it but I have strong feelings that the writers will keep their dynamic the way it is.)

      The brain consumption is done very well (not in a nasty way) so it isn’t really an issue for most viewers. I myself don’t mind it at all. Maybe it’s a vegan things but I kid of more disgusted with the bacon she put on her brain burger 🙂

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