Feeling Festive

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I should have posted this outfit a lot sooner but anyways, this was one of my favorite Christmas gifts that I got from M, my very first themed jumper (well, that’s not completely true, as I did once buy a Christmas sweater at a thrift store for an ugly sweater party, but that hardly counts). I wore this outfit on the 26th of December, first out to go shopping (we popped by the mall to go to Lush, I’ll show you what I bought later in this post) and then we went to my parents’ house for a family lunch.

This sweater is way more special because it was a gift from M and made me ridiculously happy. We exchange gifts at his parents’ flat and they really didn’t get my excitement over the sweater. But I LOVE this sweater. (I saw a trailer for this movie called The Night Before and Seth Rogen’s character wears this super awesome festive Jewish sweater and after seeing that trailer I was telling M that I really want that sweater, never imagining that I would one day be the proud owner of my very own festive Jewish sweater. It made me so happy! You wouldn’t believe how happy this sweater made me. What can I say, I’m weird.)

festive Jewish sweater

So yeah, I wore this sweater to a family lunch (I’m half Jewish) and as expected it made my dad really happy too (I knew he would love it).

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Oh and this is what I bought in Lush (I told you, I spend all my money there, I hardly buy anything else, plus the Lush sales are really good – 50 % off – and they only have sales once a year). I bought the Magical Zoetrope gift box, Merry Christmas gift box, Sleeps til Christmas and Secret Santa. There were so many people there btw! It was crazy! There even was a queue before the store opened (we arrived like three minutes before opening and joined the line). I’m happy to say that I got everything I wanted except for a few things that I only later realized had been in the sales, so I missed out on some things but was very pleased with what I did manage to buy.

Oh almost forgot to mention the outfit details! So the sweater is from an American brand called Isabella’s Closet. Jeans are from Zara, checked shirt from Zara Trf, shoes are from Stradivarius and my fake leather jacket is from Aeropostal. I really liked this outfit and I feel like I haven’t done an outfit post in ages. I haven’t taken any new outfit photos because it has been so dark lately that I just did even try it, but hopefully I’ll get some photos tomorrow and over the weekend, so there should be some outfit posts to come. See you soon!


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