A teeny tiny files of new

I haven’t done a proper files of new post in AGES but that’s mainly because I haven’t been buying anything beside Lush products. But since I recently placed an Asos order and as it has arrived (I even paid for the pricey delivery, as I have had many delivery issues in the past with the free shipping that doesn’t have a tracking number), I thought it would be fitting to show you what I got in the sales.

Let’s start with my favorite item: these Lost Ink pom pom flats.

Lost ink pom pom flat shoes

It probably won’t surprise you that it was the pom poms that really captured my attention and literally forced me to purchase these flats. Everyone knows I don’t need another pair of flats, especially black flats. But hello pom poms and suddenly these shoes make a lot more sense. I love them and cannot wait for the weather to de-winterize itself and make it at least vaguely sensible that I wear these shoes.

Asos memorise leopard creepers

I probably also didn’t need another pair of creepers, but life’s too short not to buy the things you really love. Especially if they are half off and thus a complete bargain. The pom pom flats were for £14.00 and these cost me £16.00.

Next I bought this cute dress from Emily & Fin. This is their Lucy dress in ballerina print and I absolutely love the print. Also I believe you can’t do wrong with a bright pink dress. Happiness is basically guaranteed. emily & fin lucy dress in balllerina print

A funny item I bought is this Heidi polka dot lunch bag. I’ve recently changed some of my eating habits (going from a vegetarian life style to a more vegan life style – I’m still on the fence with honey, so I’m not calling myself a vegan just yet, however I now do not eat dairy products as well as not eating any meat products), which means that eating out is slightly more difficult  than it used to be (almost everything has cheese in it! Grrr!) and thus I have been cooking at home more than I used to. I bought this lunch bag in hopes of taking lunch to work, not only will it be healthier but also should save me some money, so win win.

heidi polka dot lunch bag

My last Asos purchase is this nail polish advent calendar from Ciate. You all know I love me some advent calendars, I love them even more when they’re on sale! My goal is to venture more into nail polishes this year, my nails are really overlooked in my routine so this is a great way to get into nail care (because if I want to use these lovely polishes, I have to take better care of my nails to do so).

ciate mini mani month

Finally, if you are interested in what I bought in Lush, you should head over to my instagram, where I usually post my lush buys. Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you bought in the post hol sales

4 thoughts on “A teeny tiny files of new”

    1. So far I’ve tried one of the nail polishes (Ballerina – the color was lovely but needed two coats, however it only lasted about two days on me, but that’s how long I usually get along with nail polishes until they chip off somewhere, grr) and one of the nail toppers, which was super lovely, not sure how it was call but it was really nice. 🙂

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