Gifted Happiness

While essentially this is an ootd post, there is slightly more to it than just an outfit I loved and that is because the keys aspects of this outfit were gifted items! Yay!

Now this may be a little biased, but I think I’m the easiest person to buy gifts for.  Mainly due to the fact that I will love almost anything I get but also because the things I really love, well I share them passionately with the people around me, so if you know me, you probably have a clue what to get me (e.g. anything from Lush, basically). But regardless of if the gift is exactly what I wanted or not, no matter what it is, I will try my best to wear it/use it and thank you for it profusely. I would even pretend to like something to make the person who gave it to me happy (not like some people, M is the exact opposite, if he doesn’t like it, he says he doesn’t like it) but this year I was very lucky to actually only receive things that I really did like:). From the outfit you can see above the majority are gifted items: the bag was a gift from M (from one of our recent vacations, it doesn’t really count as I did pick it out myself, but hey, it’s still a gift!), the vest top with fringe (from Zara Knit) was a gift from M’s parents as was the fake fur stole. Jacket, dress and shoes are items I bought myself and are all older items (I’ve had the dress for years and it’s one of my favorites).

zara knit black fringe top

The top is very similar to the one pictured above (which is also from Zara), but mine has a high low hem going on and doesn’t have a high neck. At first I wasn’t sure how I would wear it – I tried it with jeans but being winter and with the top having a cropped hem before the fringing, I felt it needed something underneath it. I tried pairing it with a lace undershirt but it wasn’t the look I was going for, then in a moment of brilliance (fashion brilliance), I remembered one of my favorite dresses. It is a simple little black knit dress from F&F, one I wear quite often, but I hardly ever take photos in it as it isn’t really anything special. Or if I do take photos, you can’t really see the dress that well (as in the photo below).

The jacket is from Aeropostale and I bought it in New York, I love this jacket (mainly because it is quilted).

aeropostale quilted fake leather jacket

Oh and finally the shoes, they are from New Look and they have fake fur detailing and a very chunky heel. Due to the platform in the front, they are very comfortable to wake in and are basically like you’re not wearing heels.

new look shoes

fake fur stole, zara knit fringe top, F&F dress

I hope you like my outfit and let me know what kind of gift receiver you happen to be?:) See you soon, V.

2 thoughts on “Gifted Happiness”

  1. I looooove this look on you and the backdrop of the photos is perfect for it. I could never say I didn’t like a gift…I just couldn’t do it. My sister once bought me really ugly shoes and thankfully they didn’t fit, but I really struggled that time to hide my feelings about them!

    1. Thank you! Yeah I think the graffiti wall at the bus stop goes well with this look 🙂 Yeah, exactly, I’m the same. Or I just laugh it off (but politely) – I once got a book about manners from my Mom for Christmas 😀

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