Hey everyone, I hope you all are great and that January is treating you well. It’s gotten quite cold in Prague (it’s currently -4 degrees Celsius as I am writing this) but it’s all the more cozy in my flat. Drinking warm tea with a dash of lemon, sitting in my chair by the heater – it’s all good.

To start off the new blogging year I thought I’d share my new year’s resolutions. Now, I’m not much of a resolutions girl but this year I’m thinking of it as less of a strict set of rules and more as a guide to help me make this year totally awesome. So without further ado, here are my resolutions for 2016:

NEW iphone 1307

  1. Eat healthy food! This is my biggest resolution because I need to really focus on giving my body what it needs. I tend to get myself immersed in whatever I am doing and I then forget to eat, which results in me getting so hungry that I then just eat whatever I get my hands on, say a pack of crisps or just live off bread. I don’t eat meat or fish and I’m now branching out and eating more of a vegan diet (cheese is my biggest vice and it needs to go). I want for myself in 2016 and onward to be healthy, more conscientious of my environment and buying only cruelty free products.
  2. Finish Uni (finish my thesis paper!) plus new uni. Another big one on my list for 2016 is to finally face my fears and finish my thesis paper (and not only write it in my head but actually write it), then I have to pass the state exams but I also want to try another uni, so those are some big plans for me.

    NEW iphone 1306
    A picture of a Make Up Revolution blusher on top of some of my thesis paper notes
  3. Find a new job (that I love). While I do like the job I have now (I work in a lab), I’ve been working there for almost ten years and it’s time to start looking for something new. I want a job that I am more passionate about, something that drives me to achieve greatness. I’ll let you know when I find that special something!;)
  4. Work out. I definitely have a lazy side and I need to kick its butt this year. I’ve started casually working out (once a week) and this year I want to make that two to three times a week. I’ve started doing TRX with my bestie (which we both love, but haven’t been since the holidays, we’re starting again next week, yay!) and I really like it. Also I want to start going running again.
  5. Work on my blog. That’s right! While I’m not planning anything big for my blog, I am going to work harder to post more frequently and for my posts to have some meaning, not just here’s what I wore today. I’m going to try to work harder for my blog baby so I hope that works out! I’m also thinking about branching out into YouTube but since I don’t have a camera, that will have to wait.
  6. Be more organized. This step might help with all of the above. I have an Erin Condren planner (this is already my second EC planner and I will be getting a new one for next year as well, I love these planners!) and this is my second year of using it (well, beginning of the second year) and I like that I am writing more things in it (and using less decorative stickers, well I still use quite a lot of stickers, but I love stickers so whatever). I also have a few organization/productivity apps on my phone but I haven’t been really using them much, so I want to start doing that more.
  7. TRY NEW THINGS.NEW iphone 1311
  8. Enjoy the little things and take time to look back upon past experiences. I just spent a good half hour going through my phone and deleting photos (there’s never enough memory!) but it was quite fun as I looked through photos of some of our holidays (New York, Rome,  London, Berlin) and it was just great to see all those pictures.

Anyways, I hope 2016 will be a lovely year for us all and I’d love to hear about what you think about resolutions (yay or nay?) and if you have any for 2016. I’m off to submerge myself in a pink bath (1/2 love locket, bubbles from magic wand, lashings of rose jam shower gel and some summer pudding soap), which is the best remedy for a super cold day. See you soon, xo.lush cocktail

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