New Make Up

While we were on the topic of new things, I forgot to share my new makeup! I haven’t bought crazy amount of makeup, but I have bought a few new things that I would like to share with you.

makeup revolution contour

Starting with Make Up Revolution, a brand that I have been intrigued with ever since seeing it on Leah‘s blog and one that I was very eager to try out. I then happened upon a Make Up Revolution stand while at the drugstore and was very pleasantly surprised to see it there as I hadn’t thought they sell in the Czech Republic. The first thing I bought was the heart shaped blush (Blushing Hearts blusher in the shade “Candy Queen of Hearts”).

make up revolution blushing hearts blusher

I then got online and found their Czech website and ordered a few more things (the two contour kits – Ultra Contour and Ultra Cream Contour, fluid blusher in the shade “Pink Sea”, a contour brush, a fixing spray and last but not least the Vivid Baked Highlighter, which is probably my favorite product). You can see in the first photo the makeup look that I created using these products (expect for the fluid blusher, I used the heart blusher in this look) and I posted it on my instagram. I used the contour kits very gently (I have rather sharp features so I didn’t want like I’m wearing too much makeup), I do like the look that it created but I can’t say it looks that much different from my regular makeup. While I’m impressed with all of the products and their prices (the Czech prices are slightly higher than the UK ones, but still good prices), I was most delighted with the highlighter. I’m getting more into strobing, which means I can never have enough highlighter, thus bringing me to my next purchase, this highlighting palette from Sleek in the shade “Solstice”.

sleek highlighting palette solstice

The last new makeup I have for you today is from Lush. You all know I am obsessed with Lush. I may have gone a bit crazy during the sales. One of the gift boxes I purchased in the sales was this “I Only have Eyes for You” gift box, featuring four products:

lush I only have eyes for you gift box

Eyes Right mascara (which I was wearing in the look in that first photo, but only one coat of it as I hardly ever use mascara. I do have to say I am very impressed with this one because its removal was not mission impossible but actually normal), Decisive liquid lipstick, Bubblegum lip scrub and a sample of Gorgeous moisturizer. I already have an old bottle of Decisive and it is such a good lipstick! I wore it many times but only photographed it once, you can see me wearing it in the photo below (and you can find the outfit here). I’m really happy with this gift box as I like all the products – Bubblegum lip scrub is my favorite lip scrub from Lush, and Gorgeous is a lovely product as well (I do feel I have to warn you though that it is not vegan and only vegetarian).

psychobilly girl

Alas, that’s it for my new makeup items, I hope you enjoyed this post and see you soon, xo.

8 thoughts on “New Make Up”

    1. I haven’t tried any other lip scrubs except ones from Lush (Bubblegum, Popcorn, The Kiss and Santa’s lip scrub), I would definitely recommend them (except for The Kiss, which I disliked, as it got weirdly sticky), Bubblegum is my favorite – though people tend to love Popcorn for its unique salty sweet flavor:)

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